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Spotlight: Ze. The Goddess

Even as a young individual, music has been a part of Ze. The Goddess’s life through church choir and an interest in the stories of musicians who have come before her and always created excitement within. Her new single “Diamonds” examines her connection to vibrant instrumentals and inspiration by the exciting energy in Los Angeles.

“Diamonds” has a moving beat that will rattle listeners to their core as each genuine tone has an ingenious creation of energy. Pairing the pulsating instrumentals with buoyant verses, each lyric clearly demonstrates her captivating charisma and sweltering persona.

When asked about the message she hopes to send to listeners with this track, Ze. The Goddess explains that the most important thing is that each individual has the power to live their own lives and follow their own path regardless of what other individuals or life throws their way, and with this mindset, we can not wait to see how this artist continues to release powerful singles like “Diamonds” in the future.

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