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Spotlight: Zone in on Lyrical Authenticity with L.A. ZONIN

With the ultimate goal of revealing their authentic self through their music, L.A. ZONIN encourages fans to be unapologetic about their feeling - good or bad. The Guatemala-born, gender-fluid artist was raised in L.A. and now resides in Vancouver where they are bringing flavors of 80’s electro-synth Pop back into the Pop scene. Their own stage name ‘ZONIN’ represents their state of mind during their creative process, leaving no surprise that the world falls away and allows for moments of intense concentration when L.A. ZONIN sits down to write their intriguing lyrics and melodies.

Providing the opportunity to diversify the musical characteristics of each new release, L.A. ZONIN does not shy away from collaboration with other exceptional artists. Throughout the process of releasing their most recent release “Slow Rush,” producer Fantom contributed a rich foundational beat called “Speedway.” After L.A. ZONIN showcased their charismatic personality through thought-provoking lyricism, Ashi Shonen supplied chilling melodies by layering energetic synths and solidifying the collaborative masterpiece. With a teamwork-oriented attitude, L.A. ZONIN.

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