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Spreading The Love With Taylor Pace With Intimate New Song "Sweetest Memories"

As a second-generation musician, Taylor Pace began his musical journey through singing in the church and around his house. As time eventually progressed, Taylor Paces' music reflects the diverse musical influences ranging from Michael Jackson to Coldplay and from Prince to John Legend. He incorporated all his musical influences and shaped his own style that’s best suitable for him. This dynamic skill set has helped him become one of industry’s explosive and rising stars. If you check out the release of his single Sweetest Memories you will see how Taylor Pace is able to channel in various emotions but more significantly, vulnerability. His way to deliver a gentle and delicate bop that’s perfect for all you hopeless romantics is a great way to finish off the valentine season. “The first time I saw you you put a smile on my face” Taylor sings in the video towards his significant other. What’s so special about the video is the raw chemistry between both the vocalist and his lover. He’s basically serenading her in an empty venue, while on stage and she sit in the audience. She seems to be genuinely on cloud nine, enjoying the melody but enticed by the delighted lyrics that he metaphorically looked as if he dedicated to her. The lyrics are a representation on how we can listen to this record and mentally reflect on our current love life but more specifically someone who makes a great impact on our emotions. It’s the most appropriate song to dedicate to a loved one due to the lyricism that touches base on companionship. Alongside the romantic video with the passionate lyrics, “Sweetest Memories” is the perfect song to share with a loved one during this closing valentines month or anytime really! Let's share the love!

Listen to "Sweetest Memories".


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