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Spring Into Emotions Buried Deep on From, Tom's Latest Single "Someone"

Photo by: Tyler Miles

Tom McGeoch didn’t give himself much credit after winning a poetry contest in college. He thought he was just a drummer from Columbus, Ohio, and didn't think of himself as a songwriter/artist even though he wrote plenty of original songs. After graduating from Berklee College of Music, he packed everything he could fit into a Honda Civic and drove across the country to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. The artist name From, Tom comes straight from his poetry and letters that he has written over the last several years. A process that he has continued to practice every day. From, Tom is completely raw and unfiltered. His music communicates the more difficult aspects of life in a refreshing and unique way. These songs are an honest reflection of who Tom McGeoch authentically is.

The latest ambiance dispersed throughout From, Tom’s recent release of “Someone,” is thought-provoking in a realm of both tranquil and buoyant components coming together to coincide in a triumphant launch of empowering tenors.

Discussing brilliant themes that relate to his fan base on an emotional level, From, Tom displays a vulnerable side of himself in his lyrical motifs displayed. “Just because you love someone, someone, someone, don't mean that it's enough,” is the memorable line to commence the vibrant essence of the chorus as we digest the soothing verses that outline his thoughts based on the notion of holding on to someone’s company for just too long.

From, Tom has a striking tone that is poured into the manner he flaunts his realism. Basking in the heartfelt timbres that he charismatically swings into a perspective scope of emotion, we take the lived experiences by From, Tom and we transition the carefully crafted words into our own understandings that infiltrate our mindset as this song progresses.

“Someone,” has us reaching into thoughts that we have pushed to the side and feeling inner sentiments that we didn’t know still resided in our care. With each release, From, Tom dives into a deeper pool of melodies that come across as more felt than heard.

Hello From, Tom, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of your latest single “Someone.” This experience you discuss in your lyrics is something that many people can relate to. What moment or story inspired you to create a song of this caliber?

I went through a breakup with someone I really loved and that was the inspiration for the song. Realizing that I could love someone and know that they weren’t the right person for me was a hard pill to swallow.

Could you please take us into the production aspect of this song? Did you work with anyone to bring the top-tier sound to life?

It was a total team effort. I came up with a couple of ideas for the music and I sent them to my friend and co-producer Kyle Kanzigg. He and I worked together for a few weeks to really bring the song to life. Kyle also brought on his friend Alex Kopp to co-produce it. I co-wrote the lyrics and melody with Lydia Frutig who is still on my phone as “Lydia Big Bear” because I recently met her at a songwriting camp in Big Bear, CA. She’s now a close friend of mine who I’m so grateful to know and work with. My good friend and old roommate Randy Belculfine helped me track and produce the vocals. It was mixed by Matt Huber and mastered by Sam Moses. I also worked out some of the harmonies with my friend Nick Samson.

You’re extremely well-rounded when it comes to music. How long has it been that you’ve started to create for yourself? Do you still assist other artists in their compositions?

I started this artist project last year right after the pandemic started. I can play many different instruments so I had been messing around and recording ideas since I was in middle school. It wasn’t until last year though that I got serious about starting my own artist project and singing. I do still assist other artists in their compositions. I’ve been writing a lot with my friend Nick Cozine AKA “MNYS”. He really inspires me and it’s a blast working on music with him. He also helps me out with my project too. We have a whole squad of friends and we all write and produce together. I mainly help out with lyrics and vocal melody but I also help out with the production side here and there.

How would you like the messaging in “Someone” to resonate with your fan base?

I’d love for it to help and give clarity to someone who was feeling the way that I felt. If people connect with it, that’s awesome. If not, that’s cool too. Even if it just makes someone want to dance, that’s enough for me.

Photo by: Tyler Miles


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