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Stacy Citron Releases a Chilling Ballad With Her Recent Single, "Forget Me Not"

From Seattle to Los Angeles, the Pop/R&B Artist and Singer/Songwriter Stacy Citron take listeners on a mesmerizing journey with her tender ballad, "Forget Me Not."

Stacy Citron is always one to allow listeners to form a deeper connection with her music, as she believes that music unites us all and acts as a medium for authentic emotion. While reminding us that music is meant to tell a story, Stacy Citron always delivers a prominent lyrical theme that helps her audience reflect.

With her recent single, "Forget Me Not," we hear a three-minute ballad through Stacy Citron's angelic vocals and her poetic lyricism that strikes a chord within each listener. While she serenades us over sole piano melodies, which sing a rather melancholy tone, Stacy Citron has locked us into this serene hit through the song's organic emotion.

"Forget Me Not" opens with a captivating piano melody that triggers immense emotions in the listener from the very beginning. As Stacy Citron makes her way in, her vocals deliver this heavenly sensation as she serenades us with her mesmerizing soprano tones while singing a reflective, saddened, and passionate message.

The piece acts as a beautiful acoustic through Stacy Citron's tender vocals and the equally soothing piano melodies. Not to mention the slight addition of layered vocal harmonies, Stacy Citron is truly pouring her entire heart out within this emotional piece, as she continues to sing of loving someone for the rest of her days.

With her emotional and heartfelt ballad, "Forget Me Not," Stacy Citron offers incredible passion within her lyricism while the supporting piano melodies perfectly complement the song's natural and organic emotion, allowing listeners to feel every inch of Stacy Citron's longing desire.

We love the emotion you've placed into your single, "Forget Me Not." Was it easy or challenging to write such sensitive lyricism surrounding love and loss?

That’s the highest compliment I could ever receive! Thank you so much! That’s always my hope whenever I’m singing; that the emotion comes through. I’ve learned through trial and error over the years, that my best takes in the vocal booth are the ones where I’m emotionally connected to what I’m singing, and not worrying about the technique (which can be really hard since I am quite the perfectionist). This song was an incredibly cathartic and challenging experience to record. During the initial session, there were takes where I was sobbing- just trying to get the words out. My producer Jon Clifton, was so patient and kind. He gave me space and security to make this song my own because he knew how deeply personal it was. My father was diagnosed with progressive Alzheimer’s and the news hit my family like a ton of bricks. My dad has always been my best friend and number one fan. I wanted to find a way to honor him and also process how I was feeling in a way that (hopefully) resonates with anyone going through a hard time.

Did you compose the piano melodies within your single "Forget Me Not?" How did you create the piano instrumental to offer this sense of emotional reflection?

I told Jon what was going on since we had initially planned to work on another project, but this detailed all of the “why won’t he just call me back?!” songs I had in the pipeline (as you can imagine). I found myself listening to a lot of emotional tracks from artists I admire like Kimbra, Bon Iver, Meg Mac, and Labrinth. I went into the studio and said, “I want to write a love letter to my dad- for my dad. I want him to know how much he means to me.” Jon started playing a few chords on the piano along with our friend Leo, and they hit something very similar to what’s now the main chorus. Just like that, I just started singing- like, my mouth opened and I just started spouting off lyrics (thank god for voice memos because it was all a weepy mess). From there, we decided that this was a song about love, vulnerability, and loss. Everything would be in service to the emotion and the vocals. I went home and wrote a majority of the verses in a matter of hours. With a song so bare, each lyric had to have a purpose, there’s no filler in this song whatsoever. Nothing to hide behind, which was freeing and simultaneously scary to write.

Is this your first time around such a serene and heartfelt ballad with "Forget Me Not?" Or can listeners find more emotional and passionate songs like this in your discography?

This is actually my 2nd time writing something so raw and vulnerable. The first time was with “Do Better” released in 2019. Towards the end of 2018, I lost my younger cousin to a drug overdose. I felt like I had let him down as his older cousin while he was struggling. After his death, I found myself trying to process the guilt and loss, and I turned to songwriting. I worked with one of my favorite producers Rick Torres, who was the first producer to allow me to focus on emotion instead of technique. He said, “just sing this until you can’t anymore, and don’t worry about how it sounds- focus on how you feel.” That has shaped every recording for me ever since. On the lighter side of that coin, I also have a rough demo I released at the beginning of the pandemic called “Waste the day”. It’s my take on an ideal day in bed with your significant other and the intimacy two people share that’s not physical.

How can listeners get to know you and your brand better through your five released songs? What sort of themes does your music tend to touch on?

I mean, check me out on Instagram, it’s where I spend far too much of my time! I have what I call “pandemic wormholes” where I think, “I’ll just scroll through” and then I realize it’s been 90 minutes, and my eyes hurt. I love connecting with my fans online and it’s a great way for everyone to get to know each other- it’s a fun bunch. My brand as an artist has always been authentic, joyful, and relatable. When performing live was a thing (and do I miss that more than I could ever put in words), my favorite compliment from fans would be, “you remind me of my best friend/ my sister/ my favorite cousin growing up”. With my music, I think you can see an evolution of my sound and brand as an artist. “Real Life” (my first official single) was based on a guy I was dating, who was in an open relationship at the time. I liked him SO much, that I went against what I wanted just to be with him....lesson learned lemme tell ya.

With “Do Better” and “Waste The Day”, you hear softer sides of me. My last single “Not That Deep” was based on a horrifically hysterical Tinder date I had in May, and really shows where I am now as an artist; fun, bright and unique. The amount of DMs I have received from people with bad hookup stories has overwhelmed me and we just passed 12k streams with that song- so I’m super proud!! I never thought I would write a pop song about sex positivity, but that’s what 2020 had in store for me I guess!

What has been keeping you inspired to create music throughout 2020?

Before the pandemic, I truly had so little time to really create. I was working my day job, singing in bars and nightclubs around the city, and trying to get into the studio when I could. When everything stopped, it truly forced me to go inward and say to myself, “you now have the time you allegedly never had before to create- so actually DO IT!” I lovingly forced myself to take risks, to be genuine and authentic. Even I wasn’t feeling myself or I was depressed or scared- it all went into music (and my Netflix cue...I have watched way too much Netflix).

In all honesty, it’s getting to work and connect with other creatives and artists I admire. Giving myself the time and the trust to develop genuine connections instead of just worrying about the hustle. When we all look back at this time, I hope it’s a reminder to everyone to be grateful for what is- because all we have is this moment. So right now, as I write this, at this moment; I am grateful. For my music and collaborators, for my fans, and for the technology that brings it all together.



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