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Stalker Kitty's "Grandma Sing" Will Put You In A Trance

Megan, going under the artist name of Stalker Kitty, is an inspiring artist that doesn't conform to a particular category of music. We love those kinds of artists that can curate any type of music, and as listeners, we aren't sure what they could come out with next! Stalker Kitty will first shock you with the amicable sound of her voice, and put you in a trance with the production of her music. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Stalker Kittyinputs her experiences and most honest afflictions in her music, and you can really feel the authenticity of her music coming to life. Ironically, Stalker Kitty's music will make you feel rejuvenated in a way you might not have felt was possible. Her latest single "Grandma Sing" perfectly captures the essence she brings to music, and we can't stop listening to the track because of the serene environment it creates. 

The voice of Stalker Kitty in "Grandma Sing" is angelic. Stalker Kitty knows how to maintain a soft and pure voice throughout the song, and we melt into the tune of her voice. Stalker Kitty has that type of sound that is familiar and comforting. We listen to her track, and feel at peace almost immediately. Her voice has the kind of power in it that makes you feel like everything will be okay (and personally, that's one of our favorite kinds of music, where your stresses can be completely lifted off of your shoulders for a few brief minutes). Stalker Kitty is definitively creating a new kind of genre with her track "Grandma Sing". We want to say she's touching on indie and soulful elements, while integrating underlying elements of folk. The production of "Grandma Sing" can't go unnoticed, and it definitely doesn't for us. The blend of gentle and tranquil melodies in her song is what will make it stand out to any listener. We already know we need more of Stalker Kitty's music, and we're keeping our ears peeled for upcoming releases!

Be sure to check out "Grandma Sing" here, and continue reading for our interview with Stalker Kitty!

Hey Stalker Kitty! Can you start by introducing yourself to our BuzzMusic readers!

Hi Buzzmusic Readers. I'm from the San Francisco, but I live in LA.I play folk in the mountains and grunge by the bay.I write love songs in winter and punk rock in May.But there's no sound that's sweeter than what I'm singing today.

How did you choose your stage name?

I was directing a short film called "Apocalypse Meow" about giant extra terrestrial felines, and everyone in our crew was getting these strange, threatening messages from a mysterious "" I thought the whole situation was hilarious & genius, and I was forming a band at the time and I thought...that's the perfect name for my band. And the bubblegum grunge band Stalker Kitty came into being. But everyone started associating me with the nameStalker Kitty & the name just stuck. 

"Grandma Sing" was very serene and tranquil. We feel completely at peace when listening to your music. Is this the intended environment you attempt to create for your listeners?

I can't say I attempt to create an environment or have any preconceived notions about a song before I write it. I try not to think too hard or judge or control the songs, they come out better that way. It's a wholly mysterious and spiritual process for me. But I'm glad you feel at peace! The process is transcendent for me and I hope that I can transfer that experience, of wherever I go, to my audience.

"Grandma Sings" had a strong lyrical presence. Are you able to share more on the meaning of the song for yourself?

It's about the passage of a person's life from the cradle to the grave. A lot of the lyrics come from things my grandma said, bits of wisdom she passed along to us, things she did, even superstitions. It's about dualism & the dark and light sides of life that exist in all of us. Life brings us joy & it brings us pain. We were born of joy and pain and we bring joy and pain into this world. We become dirty & then we are washed clean. It's about the loss of innocence and the gaining of wisdom.

What's next for you as an artist? Any upcoming shows/releases you're able to share with us?!

I will be performing original music at the Upright Citizens Brigade this Saturday 8/10/19 @ 9PM, and an improv troupe is going to be improvising scenes to the lyrics of my songs! I'm currently performing solo around LA, but I am in the process of putting together a whole new band lineup. I have a new single & video coming out called "Escape from Post-Modern Nihilism." Stay tuned.


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