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Stand Up For Pamela Hopkins New Single “Somebody Here is Walkin”

Pamela Hopkins, the multi-talented, Singer-Songwriter is sure to draw a crowd with her new foot-tapping single "Somebody Here is Walkin."

Making her debut as a breakout artist with Off The Row Studio, Pamela and her band have delivered a variety of country and classic rock tunes some of which being her original songs and others being classic well-known tunes.

This Arkansas artist has the instrumental ability to back up her unique vocal sound. This country track opens with a darker more storming sound that becomes lightened through the background guitar strumming.

As the beat drops and the band joins in, the vibrato in Hopkins' voice is able to transcend this song into a full country swing. “Somebody Here is Walkin” offers listeners a moving sound and storyline in which the classic countrywoman is powerfully sending a man off while of course wearing her cowboy boots.

Moving through the immediate anger, to motivation, to slow down, and finalizing with Hopkin’s driven voice the vocalized acoustics will entice and spur listeners. Hopkin’s band truly makes this song a tune for dancing and transforms this piece into a confident musical send off to a man she once knew.

“Somebody Here is Walkin” is sure to spark listeners to get up and dance as Pamela Hopkins transforms this piece with her engaging vocals.

Welcome to Buzz Music! We are loving your new track “Somebody here is Walkin”, and are interested in your inspiration for this motivating country track?

When I met with the writer of this song, Jim Femino, he pitched this one to me after we talked about my style, and after he heard my voice. I fell in love with this song because I thought the groove was great and I thought that it was something that people could relate to. I have some friends who have caught their spouse cheating on them, and it made me want to sing this song as more of an empowerment tool to let them know that it's okay to walk away from a toxic relationship.

Your song has a really fun swing nature to it, do you think your background in dueling pianos and various other instruments influenced how you generated this sound with your band?

I actually did not write this song or come up with the original groove/arrangement. The single that I released prior to "Somebody Here is Walkin'," called "Little Rock Famous," was very much influenced by my job as a dueling piano player. If you listen to the lyrics that I wrote, it very much describes my life in a smaller city and the fact that I am pretty well known for my singing, and that I am okay if this is all I ever do. Of course, I would love to grow musically and would love to grow my fan base, as music is my passion, but fame is not my main goal. My main goal is to pursue my music career making people happy and writing from the heart. Maybe between the two, people can connect with my message.

This song mentions sending away a man who doesn't deserve you, how do you think this idea fits in with other songs you have released?

I wrote a song called, "The Me You Could've Had" and it was released in August 2020. This particular song talks about walking away from someone (or someone walking away from you) and realizing that it was them that was holding you back from your own potential and holding you down from being the beautiful person you are. Relationships can sometimes be toxic, many times hurtful things are said and we start to believe those things about ourselves. "The Me You Could've Had" is another empowering song that lets the listener know that they are better off without a toxic, abusive person in their lives... and without them, we can find our own strength and independence.

You and your band seem to have such a connection with your sound, how do you think this has impacted your songs and vocal ability?

I generally co-write with other songwriters, and with each idea I have for a song, I have a certain sound in mind--which is displayed in the work tape. My producer, P.T. Houston, and the studio musicians help complete the vision. Being a dueling piano player has allowed me to play around in almost every genre. Some of my songs fit into different types of feels because my influences are all over the place. When I first started recording, most of my songs were songs that I chose because of the message and the sound came second (these were written by other writers). So I had a song that was a country-rock ("Friends Like You"), another that was more in the blues style ("Not Another sad Love Song"), and others that were a more traditional country, etc... I'm really drawn to the country-rock style though ("Little Rock Famous" and my upcoming single "Givin' a Damn") and also more to a sultry sounding vibe for my current writes. More recently, I began co-writing or writing all of my own music.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so? 2020 has been very difficult for musicians, especially musicians who play live as a way to earn a living, like me. I've been lucky in that our venue hasn't had to close too many times due to Covid 19. We were initially closed for about 6 weeks back in March/April/May and then opened back up... then the riots started so we had curfews and shut down a couple more weeks. We opened back up and have only shut down a few more times here and there or had our hours restricted like they are now. When we have been open, I save as much money as I can/could and have already set aside some money for my new project. Regardless of what is going on in the world around me, I have tried to connect with other songwriters and bust out as many completed songs as I could. The world is going crazy and I find solace in singing and writing. Most musicians that I know get creative in emotional times. When things were getting really tough financially, I had to just make a schedule and keep to it and not let my personal world crash and burn around me...I just turned off the news and kept myself busy with things that would hopefully advance my career, not make it stall. I am still working daily to keep myself moving forward. It's really easy to slip out of habits that keep momentum if you let the world around you fall apart. Things will be okay and things tend to work themselves out in forward for there's nothing that can halt you but yourself and your attitude.



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