Stanzi's Song "Estrange Me" Takes Listener's on a Colorful Adventure

Today we're taking a look at the newest eclectic stylings of Stanzi, a self-taught singer, songwriter, and producer. Hailing from Boulder, Colorado, Stanzi has a very vivid and imaginative perspective constructing the foundation of her music. Her mission has always been to create music to be an escape for many, and for listeners to pour out all of their emotions whilst listening to her music. There isn't much more we can say on what to expect with the music of Stanzi--you'll just have to take our word for it when we say that she brings a wild sense of vitality to the music scene.

Stanzi's latest song, "Estrange Me", can easily showcase the artists quirky and erratic creativity. "Estrange Me" incorporates a multitude of soundings and collections that compose the eccentric style of Stanzi's production. Compared to other artists such as Bjork and Coco Rosie, Stanzi focuses widely on experimentation and brings about an atmosphere that feels unique and mysterious, full of aspiration for the taking. "Estrange Me" came off as very expressive, and as we listen along, we find ourselves exposed to a vast array of emotions, such as elation, confusion, and even a sense of warmth. "Estrange Me" definitely proved that Stanzi is disparate from the norm, and we're very much anticipating more of her sensational productions.

Discover Stanzi in her latest song "Estrange Me" here.

Hey Stanzi! Welcome! Congratulations on releasing your single, "Estrange Me". How would you describe the process of constructing the song, considering how expressive the production of this particular track was? 

Hi, thanks for having me! “Estrange Me” is the first track off my EP1. When I made it I was teaching myself how to produce in Ableton Live, so there was lots of trial and error, playing around and re-writing that went into it. Basically I just wanted to do justice to the poetic content and to the mood that I was in at the time. I didn’t have any plug-ins, so a lot of the sounds are field samples or random, warped and chopped YouTube clips. 

You've always had the goal in mind of elevating your listeners and allowing your music to be an outlet for them. What kind of steps and/or mechanisms would you say you put in place to ensure that a safe environment for listeners?

The goal with my music is to be as honest, authentic and vulnerable as I can be. I am a deeply feeling, empathic person, so my hope is that this music will allow listeners to tap into some of their deeper, more challenging emotions. I guess the idea is to encourage people to be as uniquely themselves as they are when no one's looking. When I was growing up, a lot of my female musical icons were hyper-sexualized and surreal. I guess the goal here is to be super real and encourage others to do the same. 

What would you say urged you to create your music in the way you do? As an artist that explores eclectic soundings and themes, do you find it to ever be a challenge constructing such novel music? 

It’s definitely challenging to commit to being different. It’s not for the sake of being different though, that’s just what comes out. Most of my favorite art goes against the grain in some way. I know it takes time and maturing into in order to attract a true listener base, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I do mature as a musician I think the next release will be quite a bit more organic and approachable. However, I don’t think I could replicate a sound that’s already on the market and be content if I tried. And that’s ultimately why I’ll stand out. 

Where would you say you extract the majority of your insight for the productional side of your music, as well as the vocal side? Considering the fact that you're a one-woman show, do you find you have an advantage being the only one involved in the creation of your music?

When I made this first EP I was going to ‘transformational festivals’ and hanging out with a lot of psychedelic EDM producers. They inspired the production aspect quite a bit as they were always one-upping each other with unique sound design. As far as the vocal side, I grew up writing poetry and listening to Joni Mitchell, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Nirvana, and The Beatles, among others. I guess that makes for a pretty eclectic palate. Going solo has its advantages and disadvantages. I don’t think this music would have ever seen the light of day if I had waited for someone to “get it” and get on board. And I believe in it, so I’m happy that it’s out. I am particularly proud of the video series that goes along with this single and EP. Having said that, great things can be accomplished in teams, it certainly takes a village to make a truly great project come to life. I would love to work with another producer or to play with a band in the future. Until then, I’m honing my craft, doing my best to attract listeners, writing tons of lyrics and melodies and learning as much as I can.