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Start The Party With Najeem’s New Single, “Yo No Se”

Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, up-and-coming hip-hop/pop recording artist, rapper, and songwriter Najeem blesses our speakers with his most fun single to date, "Yo No Se."

Najeem knew from a young age that he wanted to pursue a career that involved music, entertainment, and fashion. The Vegas-based artist took quarantine to his advantage and worked on his craft every day. Now, Najeem strives to create songs that relate to the masses and let people have fun in various settings, whether that's at a party or in the shower.

With his latest single, "Yo No Se," Najeem is keeping the momentum going. He hopes that releases like this will have a positive impact on listeners and help them get through all of life's moments, the good and the bad. This particular single has it all; jam-packed verses, a groovy hip-hop/pop beat, and a talented artist that demands our attention with each lyric.

Jumping into the feisty new single, "Yo No Se," we're met with a bouncy keyboard melody that quickly drops into a glimmering and bright hip-hop/pop beat with crisp percussion and sparkling keys. Najeem's confidence and energy are palpable instantly; he makes it known that he's well glued to the grind and willing to do all it takes to get his name up in lights.

Najeem's bars are incredibly clever; he discusses various moments like being a money-making machine and shooting his shot at someone special. Regardless of what he's rapping about, Najeem's performance stylings are intoxicating; he has no problem leaving our ears glued on his attention-commanding bars and unique delivery.

When you're in need of a spirited and bouncy hip-hop anthem that will stand the test of time, feast your ears on Najeem's newest single, "Yo No Se," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Najeem. We adore the upbeat and playful feel of your latest single, "Yo No Se." What led you to create such an exciting and feel-good song like this?

I love making songs that project my own energy and emotion, and this was just one of those beats that brought out how I was feeling in the moment. I also wanted to release a summer banger that can be played in parties, clubs, pregames, the gym, and anywhere else that needs a song like this to match people's vibrant energy.

You've mentioned that "Yo No Se" is the most fun hip-hop/pop song you've released to date. Why is that so? Could you elaborate on that?

It is my favorite pop-rap song that I have made to date because I think the hook is very catchy, and all 3 of the verses have clever lyrics that can catch the listener's attention right away. I believe there are multiple lyrics in this song that are very relatable and can be used in people's Instagram captions. I also give a shoutout to my favorite rapper Drake in this song which is dope because I know I will one day collaborate with him, and this song will come full circle around that time when we first meet.

What do you hope to make the listener feel when hearing "Yo No Se?" What impact do you want the song to leave on them?

I believe the world can be a very rough place at times for people, and I want the listener to be able to play 'Yo No Se' and get a burst of positive energy to where they get motivated and turn up to go ahead and achieve their dreams. I guarantee that any listener who plays 'Yo No Se' will get a spark of energy and the mindset to conquer anything they put their mind to. This is a song that will definitely be added to all the listeners' "feel good" type playlists because it will stimulate that positive feeling in them.

What was your favorite part about creating "Yo No Se?" What did you take away from the experience?

My favorite part of creating this song was being able to come up with 3 verses that flowed very well together and complemented each other. From talking about day by day getting closer to my dreams to one day having my whole squad whippin' Lamborghinis and also mentioning collabing with Drake and 40 one day; this song covers all aspects of what inspires me to do music which is to further pursue my dreams in this field, take care of my loved ones, and to make a song with one of my favorite artists since 2009. I was also in the studio with my good friend and producer of this song, clixche' and I gave some input on minor changes to finalize the beat to my cadence and delivery, which was a very fun/creative process. All of that sums up my favorite parts of creating 'Yo No Se'. This experience has inspired me to create more records like 'Yo No Se' in the future.


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