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Start The Party With Shower Beers & SoSo's Newest Hit, "One More Shot"

Photo Credit: Kerry McCue

Punching listeners with knock-out tracks is Murray Hill, NYC-based pop-punk outfit Shower Beers, who just teamed up with Aussie pop-punks SoSo for their latest hit, "One More Shot."

Shower Beers, the new pop punk band led by Chris Diorio, aims to smack listeners silly with catchy hooks and massive choruses. Their debut project, The Pregame Properly EP, dropped earlier this year and gained the band a consistent, eager following. Now, they're ready to continue the momentum with a sophomore EP coming in 2024 entitled Miracle on 34th and 3rd.

Shower Beers and Australian punks SoSo are teaming up to unleash the album's lead single, "One More Shot," an epic party anthem to keep the energy flowing all night. This thrilling pop-punk single will satisfy your cravings for a killer party tune, thanks to Shower Beers and SoSo's captivating performances.

Hitting play on "One More Shot," the track kicks off with heavy yet energized drums alongside a striking lead guitar and thick rhythm guitar slaps. The song is already so well-rounded from top to bottom. As Shower Beers' lead vocalist pounces through the speakers, we can't help but hear major blink-182 influences with chant-worthy lyrics, tight instrumentals, and vast emotion.

This dynamic banger has us locked in with each twist and turn. There are several transitions before the song's halfway mark, making for an engaging, captivating listening experience that feels like the end of a coming-of-age movie. It's an exhilarating collaboration between two killer bands that are sure to climb the charts.

Don't wait; celebrate with a song that'll keep the vibes high and mighty. Check out Shower Beers and SoSo's newest collaboration, "One More Shot," on all digital streaming platforms.


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