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Start The Party With Sumwhr's Latest Single, "In a Minute"

Hailing from Watts, California, singer-songwriter, producer, engineer, and sound architect Sumwhr releases his groovy and contemporary r&b/hip-hop track entitled "In a Minute."

The melodic recording artist best resides within the sounds of "wave r&b," while maintaining ambition to push boundaries and change the creative game. He once started as Novelle Vega and was featured on VH1's "Black Ink Crew." Since then, Sumwhr has crafted a new melodic sound that takes listeners through his many life experiences and endeavors.

Recently releasing his anthemic and energetic single, "In a Minute," Sumwhr has already amassed roughly 12k streams on Spotify, and we understand why; the song slaps. While utilizing the best production techniques to portray r&b's newfound modernity, Sumwhr moves and grooves with a haunting vocal delivery while reminding us that we haven't been turned "In a Minute."

Hitting play on the single, "In a Minute," the track kicks off with a hazy keyboard melody that floats in from the background, exuding this overall ominous and sultry feel. As Sumwhr's melodic and filtered vocals make their way in, he jumps into his rhythmic and sensual rap while reminding us that it's time to get those bottoms up.

We adore the haunting vocal tones and overall feel of this single; it reminds us of a dark and bumping nightclub oozing with endless drinks and energy. As Sumwhr continues his energy-inducing performance, he grooves his way to the outro alongside the dense production and leaves us feeling ready to hit our city's nightlife.

Get your party on with Sumwhr's latest hit, "In a Minute," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sumwhr, and a big congratulations on the release of your most recent single “OMW.” We love the way you tap into the new wave of R&B all while honing in on a lane of your own. Where did the origin of your wave R&B stem from?

Wave R&B stems from my melodic cadence, blended with some trap drums, atmospheric arpeggios, and reverberated soft pads. The texture of each record feels smooth like you’re on a journey with a partner who is ready to take on the world. I wanted to create something of substance, you know timeless.

Taking a deeper listen to “OMW” we hear a profound sense of intimacy that’s poured into this track. Is this writing style fairly easy for you to tap into? Could you please share the inspiration behind this song?

I would say it comes naturally, many of the ideas that pop up are on the spot. I typically sit and press record then let things fall where they land. The song for me at least tells a story of passion, like that feeling in your stomach around the person you vibe with the most. What’s so inspiring about a record like this is the fact that we all felt this way before I’m just saying it out loud.

How does the sound of “OMW” compare to other tracks heard in your discography?

To me, "OMW" adds another element to the discography. This record could be thrown in rotations with any of them and immediately catch the listener's ear. I feel it jumps out at you, this song can truly stand the test of time in my opinion.

What’s your mission statement as an artist? How important is it for you to have your brand align with this perfectly?

"Bringing melodic textures and dark tones to storytelling for music lovers by expressing captured memories.” To me, this is very important because through these stories a person is listening to who feels or feels what I’m talking about you know. To convey a message that resonates with someone is priceless, and it lets me know I’m doing something right at the end of the day.

What's next for you?

Next, for me is to keep writing and releasing more music. Stay grinding behind the scenes collaborating with another artist, and the key thing for me is staying consistent above all.

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