Start the Party With Y.L Breezy's, "TurnT"

Independent rap artist Y.L Breezy began his career rapping in 2018. Being musically inspired by Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Future, and Kid Cudi, his songs are a versatile mix jam-packed with energy and reminiscent of various genres.

As a full-time artist, his musical journey has been taking off with the release of “TurnT.” The intriguing soundscape has us delving into his artistry on a playful level where he dips into the narrative of turning up and having the night of his life.

Embodying a series of lyrics that exude a braggadocious vibrancy to the way he sequences them together, Y.L Breezy immediately sets the tone as he proves that he is in fact the life of the party. As the instrumentation and his hungry vocal delivery amalgamate, you feel an established sense of energy run through you as it carries out through the course of this song.

Etching a repetitious hook that reiterates the lyrics, ‘Man I’m f***ed up but this my jam,’ Y.L Breezy has us chanting the lyrics right back at him, as we would in a club setting. This is the type of song that could act as your soundtrack to a night out with your crew as you hear it playing throughout your city with the bass shaking wherever you stand.

Y.L Breezy works his craft in a way that has his audience hyped for what’s next to come. Keeping it upbeat and carefree, he brings liberation to new meaning.

Hello Y.L Breezy, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “TurnT.” This entire song is a vibe that could easily set the tone for any party! What inspired you to create a song of this caliber?

It was a litty lit lit nite out with a couple of friends and me trying to cherish that time. I just projected that energy on an instrumental and you get “TurnT."

In your own words, what does “TurnT,” mean to you? What are you hoping your listeners feel and take away from this release?

TurnT means to me having high energy (sometimes being uncontrollable) .what ever mind-frame you're in keep it positive and stay LIT.

We can only imagine the fun you had while creating and recording this track! Could you please share a glimpse of what that process looked like?

The Tv on in the background playing Mike Tyson mysteries on low and a lot of sliver dutch that’s to set the mood and the beat on repeat.

With your musical influences ranging from greats in the realm of new wave Hip-hop, what are some non-musical influences you take into your music?

Clothing, Cars, Relationships, My life, Anime, Video Games, World events.