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Stefan Rossi Opens Up In Moving And Nostalgic Single, “Kids”

Australian-Born Italian Hip-Hop Artist Stefan Rossi has done it again, releasing a compelling and endearing single, sure to leave you wanting more.

Stefan Rossi has a natural gift of tapping into his personal experiences and struggles and effortlessly crafting them into something magical. Rossi grew up with a passion and drive for entertainment, perfectly matched with this charismatic personality. Throughout his life and career so far, Rossi has had to navigate personal hardships that have stood in his way, but in the end, has persevered and come out stronger.

He aims to help others through his music while practicing mindfulness, gratitude, and love along the way. With the help of producer Danny Duke, Rossi has crafted a powerfully captivating and heartfelt track, “Kids."

“Kids” opens up with a sparse soundscape of synths and light percussive elements to set the scene as distant voices of children flutter overtop the background. Rossi enters the picture with a powerful and chilling vocal performance. We are captivated by his delivery, as hooked on every word. The production within “Kids” picks up, forming an intricate soundscape of unique sonic elements that help support Rossi throughout his moving performance.

Over the course of “Kids," Rossi has a reminiscent tone of losing onces innocence and certain connections along the way as life passes you by. He sings out “We were once kids but now it’s a world away, a world away.”

“Kids” is a raw and vulnerable Hip Hop track, and we applaud Rossi for creating something so emotive and honest. "Kids" is the first single from Stefan Rossi's last single, and we are eagerly awaiting the release of his ‘Faith Over Fear’ EP coming early 2022. We can’t wait to hear more from the rising talent.

Go and show Stefan Rossi some love on his latest track, “Kids,” available on all streaming platforms today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Stefan Rossi. We are really happy to have you here celebrating your latest release, “Kids.” Can you let us in on some of the main inspirations behind this amazing track? "Kids" really is all about reflecting on the feeling we all have at some point “How easy was it when we were Kids” - this song shows someone conflicted with a friend/family member really stopping their personal growth. Sometimes walking away from bad energy is hard and reminiscing on a simpler time ‘being Kids’ is a nice way to hold onto the love that is now no longer there. Your love and passion for music and performing are extremely apparent in your music. Do you remember where your love for music all began? Yes, My parents were very expressive. My Dad would sing around the house a lot of Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Elvis Presley, and my Mum really loved the trendsetting legends of their time like Madonna, Prince, and Michael Jackson. We have a massive extended family so there was always a lot of singing and dancing at house parties. Also, I started playing guitar at 7, gave up then picked it up again at 13! What sort of atmosphere and vibe did you want the instrumentals and production to give off in "Kids?" Who helped bring the sonics to life? The beat was perfect for the way I wanted to deliver the flow of the lyrics. Danny Duke the producer was always set on that, however, we originally had a guitar loop that was very psychedelic, but it took the song in a darker direction. We didn’t love that and Danny found these sounds sonically that fit the song perfectly. What would you say is the main message you consistently try to convey to your listeners through your music? My main message is “We are all going through something, have empathy for others. We are not one-dimensional characters, embrace your flaws, love yourself. Grow from your losses and you will never lose, abundance is for you. It’s ok to put yourself first, you are worthy.” And each song is different of course however across all of my writing the last few years There’s a high level of awareness in the way I want to set an example for others to relate What's next for you?

'Faith Over Fear EP' will release in the coming months after we drop the next single ‘Going South’. The sky is the limit after that. I have a fantastic team with a lot of family love and support so right now music and writing have never felt better.

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