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Stefni Valencia Elaborates on Female Empowerment in, "Rebeldes"

Taking the female Latin-rock music scene by storm, singer-songwriter and alt-rock artist Stefni Valencia marked a new and empowering beginning for herself through her recent single, "Rebeldes."

Having been raised by strong rebellious women who showed her the importance of using her voice for the greater good, Stefni is now using these influences to create songs like "Rebeldes," which touches on feminism, freedom of speech, and fighting for social issues.

After delving into Mexico's predominantly male alt-rock scene, Stefni felt compelled to create a song that spreads awareness and hope. When speaking upon the single's inspiration, Stefni mentioned a saying in Spanish, "calladita Te ves más bonita," which translates to, "you look prettier when you are silent."

Wanting to steer away from misogynistic sayings like this through her recent single, "Rebeldes," Stefni had this to say, "A pretty woman is not a silent woman; silence is not the answer. "Rebeldes" is an anthem of hope and love for all the rebels out there to not be afraid to raise their voice."

Join the fight towards female empowerment with help from Stefni Valencia's recent inspirational single, "Rebeldes," now available on all digital streaming platforms.



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