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Stellan Perrick Lives The “Golden Baby” Lifestyle

Finally bringing his original and versatile creations to the masses is a singer-songwriter, producer, and dynamic recording artist Stellan Perrick with a groovy debut single, "Golden Baby."

Stellan Perrick first began delving into music creation nearly seven years ago, and since then, he's taught himself his way around producing, writing, mixing, mastering, and composing music. The experimental artist claims that "People are bored out of their minds, they want something new, something exciting," which he's happy to bring through fresh, dynamic tunes.

Now pumping up the party is Stellan Perrick's stellar debut single, "Golden Baby," that swings through our speakers without a care in the world. This mid-tempo and nostalgic 80s synth-pop sound bring us all the heat and passion we could ask for, especially as Perrick channels artists like The Weeknd for added emotion, lust, and rhythm.

Taking the single for a spin, "Golden Baby" opens with soothing r&b synths that drift into the first verse with a groovy pop beat alongside additional shimmering synths. Listening to Stellan Perrick's soft and breathy vocals, he offers a gentle and dreamy delivery that quakes with emotion and delicate vibrato. His lyrics cover the tales of living the "Golden Baby" life and mending his pains and cravings with temporary fixes.

This song is like a vibrant and danceable fantasy packed in three minutes that breaks down every barrier with a bright guitar lick, anticipation-filled synths, and the most honest vocal portrayal. We're sure this tune will put Stellan Perrick's music on the map; it has everything the modern explorative audience could want.

Channel your inner "Golden Baby" with Stellan Perrick's exciting debut single, now available on all digital streaming platforms, here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Stellan Perrick. Congratulations on releasing your groovy debut single, "Golden Baby." Why did you want this song to be your first official release? How does it represent you?

Thank you. "Golden Baby" is a very personal song for me, it is based on my own personal story which is a little dark. But the idea was to take that darkness and make it somehow enjoyable. That's why even though it has very dark and emotional lyrics, it sounds like a dance track. At a very low point in my life, I felt very worthless, feeling like everyone is somehow better than me, cooler than me, how they got it all together better than me. I made the song after realizing I was the golden baby, and I tried to connect to people who felt like I did through this song, making them realize they are golden babies too!!

What inspired the conceptual and honest lyrical content in "Golden Baby?" What message or theme did you want to get across?

I felt unlucky, pretty much my whole life. I was upset with the whole world seeing how things are just unfair, like good people having the most troubles, attractive people being nicely treated compared to others, people born in economically better places than where I was born, people born with healthy childhoods with all needs met, people who seem to connect with people so easily while I struggle so much to do so….. many things like this, although I don’t know why, I was upset, that it was unfair and that some people have it better off than others. Because as humans, we all feel the same things, but, why is it that someone who is born in a rich family gets to live well and someone who is born in a poor family has barely any money to meet his needs? I was very very upset with that and many other things like this….. Because I was jealous, and I can say that because that is exactly how I felt. I wanted to be good-looking like all those other kids, I wanted to have all the money those rich kids get to enjoy, I wanted to have a big house that my friend gets to enjoy because I don’t see any difference. Yes, I didn’t work for it, but neither did he! Or anyone for that matter. We just say that it's luck, but I was upset because why isn’t it that I was given that luck? Why not me? Why wasn’t I born with blonde hair and blue eyes? Why wasn’t I born with my parents being filthy rich? Why can’t I connect to people just like others who seem to do it so easily? I didn’t have answers to all of these questions, which is why I became very upset. I was disappointed because I thought the world was unfair. I thought if you are lucky, you are a ‘golden baby’ and that's the only way you can be born into all those things you wish for. Whatever it is, like looks, where you are born, place, how happy you are, etc… So all those people who I saw as ‘lucky’ I thought that they were chosen, like they are lucky because God chose them, and they are ‘golden babies’ and I’m not because I wasn’t lucky that I could enjoy all that, God chose them and not me. But I spent time with myself and God, I learned more about how Gold is formed. Natural Gold, Sun is not enough to synthesize gold. Enough energy to form gold only comes from star explosions in a supernova. These are extreme conditions, and it’s a lot of pressure and energy from which Gold gets formed. I started relating that to all the difficulties I had, and it made sense that they were all in a way, extreme conditions, lots of pressure and energy, which hurt a lot, but! I realized that real gold is formed exactly like that! So in other words, it’s not those other people who are golden babies, IT'S ME! They are all gold plated, not real gold, I didn’t realize that God was giving me all those difficulties as energy to turn me into a real ‘Golden Baby!’ So basically, I am the real 'golden baby!'

How did you want to make the listener feel when experiencing the bright and groovy atmosphere in "Golden Baby?"

I made this song for people who feel unlucky, who feel like they have too many difficulties and that God is being unfair to them, people who feel lonely because nobody can be related to their struggles, people who feel like their worthless, people who don’t want to keep living feeling like everyone is privileged except for them. It’s a message to them saying that it’s not everyone else, it's YOU! You are the real golden baby! God loves you so much! It’s not everyone else, ITS YOU!!! Exactly you. And I, through my journey of loving myself, made this song for people who have felt like I did at one point So that people would never have to feel like how I felt. It is my message of love to each and every one of them.

How long did it take to create the entire production and instrumentals for "Golden Baby," considering that process was done solo?

The song’s lyrics, production, instrumentation, etc… were all happening simultaneously. It took about 2 months, and another month for the work from my producer (Xavi Blanch), the guitar players’ recordings, and lastly, the mastering. The song was finished fairly quickly, it was the production that took quite some time. What's next for you?

I am working on my biggest project ’’MOON DANCE,’’ if all goes well, it has the potential to be one of my best works yet. I am super excited to work on it! I’m planning to release an album after releasing a few singles, the album title now is ‘’NAUGHTY 33,’’ I’m not sure when it can be released but once finished, will definitely be out in a big release with videos and more.


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