Step Into a World of Dark R&B Vibes With ShaniqueJay

Emerging artist ShaniqueJay is stepping from the Toronto music scene as a singer, rapper, and songwriter.

She began releasing music in 2019 but has been exercising her penmanship for the past 10 years. Finding her passion for music at a young age, ShaniqueJay remembers her dad buying her first CD player back when she was in grade 4. Popping a disc into the CD player, she was surrounded by a medley of music found on compact discs and began playing them one by one. At that moment, ShaniqueJay knew music was something she was destined to be part of.

In her most recent piano forward ballad “Sometimes,” the brilliant talents of ShaniqueJay are on full display. She carries a burning passion in her sultry timbres as she navigates us through her extensive vocal range that dips into a place of conviction.

Each word that leaves ShaniqueJay is performed with the tenacity to provoke thought and strike up a miscellany of emotion within her fan base. The mid-tempo instrumentation of “Sometimes,” plays into a minimalistic route as the musical components that are illuminated from this piece has the purpose of acting as a fortified foundation for ShaniqueJay to cascade her impactful croons upon.

The dark R&B vibrations fit the soundscape portrayed through lyrical motifs such as, ‘it’s different when you wanna make the time switch, back to when we’re happy living life and living lavishly.’ You hear the emotion poured into the grippingly raw narrative flashing before your eyes. Evoking images that fill the grand scheme of a back and forth relationship known to cast shadows on ShaniqueJay’s psyche, as part of her audience we feel uprooted to the environment she is speaking from.

Immersing ourselves in the heartrending melodies of ShaniqueJay, we’ll happily place “Sometimes” on repeat in order to get another dose of her warming charisma.