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Steph Devine Promises To Remain True To Herself On The Inspiring, “Come and Go”

The New England native is back and again, showing her ability to create meaningful, relatable, and catchy music.

As spring rolls around, bringing warmth and cheer to the heart of New England, a shimmering star has appeared just in time for summer. With a delicate lyrical touch and a voice that can embody and convey the purest levels of emotion, Steph Divine has emerged as a rising star. She’s created a signature sound that effortlessly channels indie pop and alternative/pop country by weaving together different stylistic threads of intricate music. What makes this even more impressive is that she does so while avoiding being chained to any specific genre, maintaining a freshness that will grab your attention.

Last year, Devine hit the ground running last year, releasing four stunning singles in six months. She quickly separated herself from her peers by refusing to be orthodox and her hate of musical stagnation, boldly declaring, “I don't want to be tied down to one genre. For me, it's really about the music and telling stories through my songs”. Maybe that’s why she’s been able to connect to listeners thus far effortlessly. However, the sound and feel of Steph Devine’s songs may differ dramatically; they are nonetheless united by lyrics that speak to your heart.

“Come and Go,” Devine’s latest artistic offering, continues her genre-bending yet sonically pleasing singles trend. Over spunky instrumentals that channel the essences of rock, indie, and pop, among others, Devine’s vocals are strong and defiant. Dropping lines like “And I am who I am / I’ve always been me / I’m not the kind of person who can change just ‘cuz it suits me,” Devine takes a stand for herself, finding the courage to love herself, even as she acknowledges that “Friends come and go / I’ve learned that the hard way.” In “Come and Go,” Devine has once again proved that it’s possible to make fresh, catchy music while still connecting to listeners with meaningful and empowering lyricism.

With her captivating presence and a genuine desire to connect and inspire listeners personally, Steph Devine is poised to become a luminary in independent music. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Devine’s new release, “Come and Go,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Steph Devine! We loved “Come and Go” it was lovely to hear how you incorporated so many subtle influences and made something special! Could you take us through the creative process for this song?

Thank you so much! This song had a super acoustic pop/country-pop vibe when I first wrote it. I decided to collaborate with an old friend, George Varetimos, and together we combined our very different musical styles and turned this song into something that came out cool! George comes from a super diverse background. He spent a ton of time on this song, ensuring we could effectively incorporate all this instrumentation while pushing for a fusion of pop, country, rock, and a bit of edge. I couldn’t be happier with how it all came together.

How did you first get into music? Did you always know you wanted to do it, or did you decide later? Give us the Steph Devine origin story!

I’ve always loved music, and I’ve been writing songs since I can remember, even before I could play any instruments! I always wanted to pursue music somehow and dreamed about releasing my music. Having the opportunity to hear the songs I wrote in my bedroom come to life in the studio has been incredible, but the songwriting is my passion at the end of the day. I love telling a story.

What feature do you think is most important for a musician to have?

The essential feature for a musician to have is determination. There’s no doubt that this industry is cutthroat, and musicians today face many obstacles, but never giving up and believing in your art is the most important thing.

What is your favorite thing about making music, and do you have a favorite musical memory?

My favorite thing about making music is expression and the ability to tell a story through a song. I feel like I’ve written a song about everything I’ve ever experienced. I also love listening to my demos and the final products after finishing songs in the studio. It’s always so crazy to see how far a song can come.

What’s next for Steph Devine? Can we expect to hear more new music soon?

Yes, you can expect to hear more music very soon! I’m excited about what’s to come! I’ve been working on a song at Allstep Studios with my producer Cory Paza called Storm that I couldn’t be more excited about. I also plan to release an EP and a few other surprises in the coming year.


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