Stephanie June Drops a Tribute to Freedom With, "Cry Baby Cry"

Hailing from New York City, the emerging pop artist and singer-songwriter Stephanie June releases a tribute to inner freedom with her latest single, "Cry Baby Cry."

Born of Persian immigrant parents, Stephanie June felt deeply compelled to surround herself with music at a young age. Through influences like Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, and Lauryn Hill, Stephanie June later took her stylings to study theater at NYU while also acting Off-Broadway.

In terms of her music career, Stephanie June recently released her single and music video for "Cry Baby Cry." When speaking upon the meaning behind the single, Stephanie June mentioned, "It's about a moment of catharsis, about taking a break from seeking answers, and giving yourself the thing you want most."

Delving into the single "Cry Baby Cry," we're met with a bright and upbeat piano arrangement, smooth drum breaks, a plucky electric guitar, and Stephanie June's soulful vocal stylings. As she begins depicting scenes of an ex making their way back into her life after a long and hard healing process, Stephanie June later elaborates on the feeling of seeing someone crawl back on their knees after all is said and done.

We truly admire the upbeat, empowering, and energetic feel of this single, as Stephanie June perfectly describes the feeling of freedom one meets when leaving a troubled relationship in the past. As the lively pop banger glistens and gleams until the outro, Stephanie June closes the track on a note of motivation and freedom, leaving anyone inspired to sharpen their independence tool.