Stephanie Woodford Goes "Deeper" With a Passionate New Single

The San Francisco-based jazz/pop musician, singer-songwriter, and composer Stephanie Woodford sends us "Deeper" into the warmth and delicacy of her latest passionate single.

A graduate of both the San Francisco Conservatory of Music Preparatory Division and also St. Ignatius College Preparatory High School, Stephanie Woodford also received a degree in music from City College of San Francisco. More recently, Stephanie Woodford was selected by the UCSF Black Caucus to deliver her sweet tunes for the annual Black Caucus Gala at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco.

Recently releasing her sweet-sounding single, "Deeper," Stephanie Woodford wears her heart on her sleeve while swooning any listener in the making. Overtop of the utmost lush and organic r&b instrumentation, Stephanie Woodford induces an incredible groove within any listener who lands upon her savory music.

Jumping into "Deeper," the song gently opens with a plucky array of piano melodies alongside fluid acoustic guitar that strums its way to our hearts. As the bright and passionate hip-hop drums make their appearance with crisp claps and hi-hats, Stephanie Woodford begins to serenade us with her renowned and acclaimed stylings that truly move musical mountains.

As we continue listening to Stephanie Woodford's impressive stylings, she offers a sweet bounty of passion for any listener to bask in, especially as she sings her heart out regarding the love she holds for someone special. Also jumping into a heated rap, Stephanie Woodford truly showcases her immense versatility and artistic power within this track.

Don't miss out on the profound listening experience of Stephanie Woodford's single, "Deeper," now available on all digital streaming platforms.