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Stephen T Gives All The Feels With “Energy”

Stephen T is a Philadelphia area artist with a sound all his own. Bringing a new flare to hip-hop with electronic sounds mixed with hip-hop trap beats. Let’s tune into his latest single “Energy”.

This track is really dope! And in more ways than one. I love how the introduction is so soft and mellow. Then the beat drops and his vocals come in giving you a really classic trendy hip-hop sound. This is such a catchy track with a lot to love about it, but what I really love the most about this track is the fact that he is talking really positively about energy in this. A lot of people don't go back to the basics of how music can really move people and change others thoughts, and I think that was done well here. He hashtags positivity in his social media posts which further verifies this song. To remind others not to let others mess with your energy. The lyrics and instrumental is spot on in this song and I cannot think of a better balance. I also think the artwork is mad interesting. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but it definitely caught my eye immediately. Dope track man!

Bring some of Stephen's T "Energy" to your Spotify playlist, and be sure to check out this artist's interview below!


Hey Stephen! Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

I am a 23 year old artist from the Philly area that has been creating art from graffiti to clothing designs. I love to be involved in every aspect of the creation, but music has become the primary focus. I love the art of freestyle rapping, and artists who speak from a unique perspective of their mind in their music, which is what I aim to do.

When did you start getting involved in music?

I started taking music seriously in school in 2015.

Who are a few of your musical influences that have helped shape your career in music?

Lil Wayne is a huge influence, but also J Cole, Fabolous, King Los inspire me to really rap.

You new single Energy is such a VIBE! Can you tell us a bit about the creation process?

The creation process of the song was just as simple as creating an actual feeling of positivity and a connection of open mindedness, and what that sounded like to me. The verses kind of wrote themselves.

Favorite lyric line from the song?

My favorite lyric is “If you’re supposed to be them why were you created separately”.

What can listeners expect to see coming from you this year?

This year I will be consistently dropping content. My Album EP “Yang” releases March 1, and their will be more projects to follow that have already been completed.


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