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Steven Montes Gets Relatable and Expressive with Single “people pleaser”

Steven Montes is a singer, songwriter, producer from Adelanto, California, looking to showcase his multi-faceted artistry.

Steven Montes has recently released his new single, “people pleaser,” which brings a throwback vibe to his classic hip-hop and pop-punk style. He introduces the song with an airy and lively string plucking melody that sucks you in and lays a foundation for the song. The laid-back melody and structured lyrics give “people pleaser” its catchy qualities, and vocal layering adds an element to the dynamic and stimulating song. The stellar beat adds structure and rhythm to the song, and Steven Montes skillfully keeps the listener on their toes.

A major theme running through “people pleaser” is the setbacks and internal dilemmas that come with putting others before yourself and how you can lose yourself along the way when everything you do is centered around someone else. Thoughtful lyrics such as “And it’s not easy trying to drown my emotions/Bury me deep in the ocean” truly showcase the pitfalls of not being seen as who you are.

The instrumentation slows down as “people pleaser” comes to a close, imitating the light intro melody we first heard. After hearing “people pleaser,” make sure to stay tuned for more from Steven Montes, a force to be reckoned with.

Can you walk us through the production process for “people pleaser?" How did “people pleaser” become what it is now?

I had just released an album that took months to work on and usually after dropping something big I’m left with a creative block, this time it was bad. I couldn’t form a single idea and my laptop was filled with incomplete tracks. Shout out to Splashgvng, cause as soon as I heard that beat it was over. I freestyled the song on the drive home.

When writing “people pleaser," what were some things you had in mind about the direction of the song? What do you hope listeners take from “people pleaser?"

I guess I’ve never really taken anything seriously. I’m always making jokes at the worst times and doing things just to get a reaction out of people, whether it be good or bad I don’t care, it just has to be funny. The problem is now I’ve established myself as this character, so when I actually need help nobody takes me seriously. I could literally call a friend saying I want to kill myself and they’ll just sit there waiting for the punchline. It sucks.

What are some musicians that inspire you when creating your own music? How do you feel they influence your creative process?

Machine Gun Kelly is my biggest inspiration, I’m going to work with him one day I just haven’t figured out when. Nobody really influences my sound at this point now that I’ve established it as my own, but I guess video games have helped more than anything. GTA Vice City has one of the hardest soundtracks and that’s what inspires most of my instrumentals, other games like Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater are big inspo's too.

Where do you see yourself going over the next year as an artist? Do you plan to have any new releases in the near future?

Over the next year, I’d hope to be working with more artists and hopefully playing shows. I drop new tracks almost weekly and I also have a podcast called, “The Low Quality Podcast”. You can expect new episodes and new music all the time, I’m also working on making music videos more consistently too.

What's next for you?

I hope good things are waiting for me until then I’m not too sure what’s next. All I know is I’m going to keep singing these little songs until I can’t anymore. I don’t really have a choice at this point, it’s the only thing I like to do and I’ve come too far to stop.


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