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Stickman the President Releases Inner Thoughts on, "Clear My Mind"

Born and raised on the West Coast of Los Angeles, Stickman the President has always been a fan of music. Being influenced by a father who has made music his entire life, he has taken his skill set to the next level by creating music of his own.

Residing on his latest EP, ‘No Second Chances,’ we immerse our ears in the lead single, “Clear My Mind.” Through a psychedelic fusion of reminiscent Hip-hop instrumentations, Stickman the President approaches this track with fortified confidence in his vocal delivery. Serving up his bars with clear and present delivery, the way he maneuvers the beat has us riding the wave of each word he reiterates.

Incorporating an unmatched presence that you can feel from the speakers, you can’t help but get lost in the amalgamation of the beat and performance aspects that make this record a whole. “Clear My Mind,” has us indulged in the witty quips that arise from every bar Stickman the President performs. Pure with his intentions of setting flame to anyone doubting him, this track serves as a canvas of thoughts that reside in the headspace of this emerging artist.

Inviting his listeners to this buffet of artistic flair, we admire the mere pause that we get in-between verses, so we can let the intricately crafted lyrics digest. Stickman the President truly hones in on a sound that you just don’t hear in this generation of Hip-hop. Bringing back a feel for what matters in the genre, we’ll happily listen to “Clear My Mind,” as we clear ours.

A big congratulations on the release of “Clear My Mind,” thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Stickman the president. Being the introductory single from your four-track EP, what inspired you to lead with this song?

Thank you. I appreciate that. I lead with clear my mind as the first single of this project because it best depicts where I am in my Artistry right now. I have so much to say and give in my music. The collaboration of the lyrics and Beat of this song really provides a great tone to what I want to project and where I am mental. I automatically knew this would be a hit, I just needed to match the lyrics to the vibe of the instrumental.

What are you hoping that your listeners can take away from this song? Is there a certain lyric that you’d like to resonate with them more than others?

Clear my mind is really just me expressing myself freely and getting a few things off my chest; which in turn is me just clearing the clutter of my mind. I want my Listeners to Get to know me, catch a vibe with this song, and go on a quick journey with me. I don't think there is a specific lyric that I want them to resonate with, I just want them to connect with my passion on this track and hopefully resonate with the optimistic tone in my lyrics.

Being witty with your verses, we’re truly impressed by the lyrical dexterity you have. What musical influences speak into the way that you create music as a solo artist?

The entire process of making music is still very new for me. I feel that a lot of the music I'm making is raw, unfiltered, and creative, as I am really starting to hone into who I am as an artist. I honestly just started writing one day out of nowhere, so I don't have many influences. The artists whose music I have been a fan of for years are Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Ice Cube, and Cassidy.

What can your fan base expect from the sounds and messaging in ‘No Second Chances’?

My fans can expect to see a lot of versatility in the different tracks on No Second Chances. I'm definitely giving off west coast vibes, and my message is clear; Most times in life you don't get a second chance to do things right. I wanted to put emphasis on being in the moment and not taking your opportunities for granted. This project and my mindset behind it was the collective conglomerate I wanted to capture with No Second Chances.

What's next for you?

The upgrade is what's next for me, I'm gaining good momentum. It's time to take it to the next level. You can always expect more music from me, more performances, more of everything. I'm working hard on turning myself and my brand into a household name and Growing an Authentic Fanbase.

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