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Stilla Comes Back From The “Ashes,” After A Breakup

In her new song “Ashes,” Stilla uses her exceptional vocals and her gift to tell stories to help those going through a burning breakup, as only the best pop songs can do.

The Australian artist Stilla knows how to channel the stormy emotions that come after a hard time for the heart. She relies on her emotional lyrics that pair perfectly with her voice, which seems to come from a fairy tale, to create music that uplifts the spirits of those who listen to her songs.

“Ashes” sounds dreamy, although it is about how a failed romance can burn you down. But it’s that soft texture of pop and the melodic voice of Stilla that helps you take out those hard feelings, put them in front of you, and swallow them in such a cathartic song.

Listening to “Ashes” is like climbing a mountain; at the foot, there’s only a calming piano, then Stilla caresses your ears and spirit with her touching voice while telling her relatable story. Then the guitar and drums play a fast tempo that motivates you to keep going up until you get to the chorus, the top from where you can finally let it out to the winds, listening to Stilla’s high notes that work like an escape for those emotions in your throat.

Some people and wounds can take you down, but songs like “Ashes” help express those emotions that burn you from the inside.

Open your heart and connect with this story; let it consume you to “Ashes” to heal and come back like a phoenix.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Stilla, and congratulations on your latest release, "Ashes." How did making “Ashes” help you heal your heart?

Writing songs, in general, is part of my healing process, but Ashes, in particular, was a way of articulating my whirlwind of emotions at the time. Feeling a mixture of anger but lust, and love for someone was hard to put into words, so writing the song helped me move past those feelings.

How hard was it to channel that turbulent flow of emotions into “Ashes?”

The song essentially wrote itself after a very emotional couple of weeks. So while it was hard to understand what I felt, writing about it seemed easy compared to navigating it in my personal life.

What would you like people to feel when listening to “Ashes?”

I would love people to feel the same confusion but also the excitement I was feeling at the time of writing the song. I was extremely passionate about this relationship, but it was emotionally exhausting. I think that’s where the sense of relief comes from in the song, just letting it all out.

Who are your greatest supporters of making music?

All the people close to me are very supportive, family & friends especially. Also, my current team and collaborators are very inspiring and supportive of my work.

What's next for you?

New music is on the way! I have a new single called ‘Fix Me’ coming out on November 18th, so head over to my socials for more information. I also have releases lined up for the remainder of 2022/early 2023, which I’m super excited about.


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