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Stilla Realizes It “Won’t Work Out,” In A Vibrant New Release

Australia-based pop recording artist and thoughtful singer-songwriter Stilla returns to pay tribute to relationships that just "Won't Work Out" with her latest relatable single.

Stilla's insightful lyrics are carefully blended with dreamy pop textures to create an authentic and intriguing sound. The 20-year-old singer has truly carved her own pop lane in the saturated music industry and continues to capture attention with her luminous vocals, genuine songwriting, and honest compositions that allow listeners to truly connect.

The pop recording artist recently released her flavorful yet heavily relatable new single, "Won't Work Out," that captures the complex emotions "involved in grappling with the thoughts of a relationship that 'won't work out,'" notes Stilla. The song is an upbeat and groovy pop tune with lively modern elements that let Stilla tug on our heartstrings with the emotions of realizing someone's love isn't for her.

Hitting play on "Won't Work Out," the song opens with soft, smooth electric guitar picking alongside a sugary drum beat and dreamy background synths. As Stilla drifts into the song with her broad vocal range, she expands on someone messing with her mind and heart while realizing that maybe, some people are better left apart.

Time and time again, Stilla surpasses our expectations with her brilliant vocal stylings and meaningful words that ring true for most listeners. We also can't help but hear bright soprano similarities to the great Ariana Grande, but Stilla's vocal range carries the profound ability to travel into deeper, more relaxed approaches that are bound to take her career to new heights.

Make those bitter moments a little bit sweeter with help from Stilla's latest single, "Won't Work Out," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Stilla. We're head over heels for the cathartic yet upbeat feel of your latest single, "Won't Work Out." What moments and experiences inspired this new release?

A range of experiences inspired ‘Won’t Work Out’. In the past couple of years, I have experienced a lot of change, part of that change has been realizing certain relationships won’t work out. The song addresses romantic relationships, that turn ‘toxic’ and no longer serve a purpose in making you happy. Whilst this can be a sad realization, I was in a great place in my life when I wrote this song and was able to embrace these experiences, put them into my art and remain positive.

Seeing as your lyrics in "Won't Work Out" are rather emotional and vulnerable, why did you choose to create such an upbeat and vibrant sonic landscape to support your message?

I was inspired by other songs in which the songwriters embraced the juxtaposition between emotional lyrics and up-tempo, multi-instrumental production. It was also the best reflection of my feelings because I was more in a moving-on mindset than a melancholy one, so I wanted to tell the story whilst staying true to this. I had so much fun creating this song with a bunch of live musicians and will always try to bring them in on the production of my songs where appropriate.

Speaking of your lyrics for "Won't Work Out," was it easy for you to write such honest and relatable words of realizing that some relationships aren't meant to happen?

I think I felt particularly comfortable sharing my experience through the lyrics in this song because of how relatable the message is. Most people have experienced some form of a relationship not working out, and of course, many songs have explored the subject before. However, in this song, I just wanted to be brutally honest about the reality of the situation, in other words, that it ‘Won’t Work Out’. I have really appreciated the response from various people saying the lyrics also to reflect on their own situation.

If there's one thing you want listeners to know about you and what you aim to do with your music, what would that be?

I want my listeners to know that I put everything into my music. No matter what life throws at me, music and writing songs will always be a constant. I aim to keep progressing with my listeners by my side, growing with me and learning about me through my music. I’d love to connect with more of them through my social media, where I am able to show more about the role music plays in my everyday life.

What's next for you?

My next single is on the way, a song I wrote entailing another personal experience that I am eager to share with my audience. In 2022, I plan to give my listeners a greater insight into who I am as an artist, with a lot more original music on the way.


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