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Storm Warning: “Hurricane” Josh Alexander Is On Its Way

From Quebec City to Montreal, talented recording artist and singer-songwriter Josh Alexander throws us into the "Hurricane" of love with his latest cinematic single.

Born and raised in a Latin Canadian household, Josh Alexander always surrounded himself with music while singing covers from acts like Coldplay and John Legend. His natural knack for songwriting and emotive vocals give other adventurous pop artists a run for their money.

Now releasing the lead single off his forthcoming debut EP, the new track is a bold and cinematic pop song that captivates the listener from the jump. "Hurricane" is quite literally a sonic hurricane, flooding the speakers with untamed vocals and a larger-than-life essence that's truly infectious.

Landing in the eye of the "Hurricane," we're met with Josh Alexander's emotional yet powerful vocals that lead us into the lush first verse. He uses this song to describe his loyalty to someone special and promises to run through the "Hurricane" for the sake of love. The song gradually builds to this exhilarating intensity that's only enhanced by Josh Alexander's engaging performance stylings.

The melodies in this song are top-tier and catchy, and the way Josh Alexander vocalizes his undying love is so refreshing. It's when those large and buzzy synths start pounding through the speakers that we travel into a more cut-throat electronic approach that perfectly emphasizes Josh Alexander's aching passion and loyalty. It's a thrilling listening experience that perfectly showcases all that Josh Alexander has to offer.

Dive into the "Hurricane" for the sake of love and hit play on Josh Alexander's gripping new single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Josh Alexander. We love the intensity and devotion you've brought to your recent single, "Hurricane." What inspired this larger-than-life single?

Thank you so much for the kind words. My love for one of my favorite people is what inspired this song. They had been going through some hard times, and I wasn’t even aware due to the distance separating us. I wanted a song big enough to let this person know how much they mean to me and how far I’d go for them. I’m so happy that you enjoy it.

Did any artists or genres influence the intense and gripping production of "Hurricane"? What inspired this cinematic and bold approach?

So I’ve actually been working a lot on developing my style and defining who I am as an artist in the last couple of years. I am currently working on my first EP, which is set to drop this fall. My vision for the EP is pop that’s grand, bold, edgy, and cinematic. “Hurricane” is the first single off the EP to drop, so it’s a teaser for what’s to come. I grew up listening to Coldplay, U2, Oasis, One Republic, and John Legend… and they’re nothing short of grand! I wanna follow in their footsteps with big, bold, and great time lasting songs.

What was your personal experience creating "Hurricane?" Was it easy for you to confess those emotions and be so open during your creative process?

I wrote hurricane with three friends who I felt comfortable sharing personal information with, and it made it very easy to write this song with them. I am always super “raw” when it comes to my writing, and I don’t hold back if I need to pass a message.

Why did you choose to release "Hurricane" as the lead single from your forthcoming debut EP? Could you drop some hints about the new project?

The EP was thought out as a movie soundtrack. When listening to all the songs off the EP, “Hurricane” felt like such an opening song. “Hurricane” really sets the tone for what’s to come.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you this year?

They can expect to hear five brand-new songs, and I’ll be announcing show dates very soon! Stay tuned.


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