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Story Time And Abigail Winzer Leave Us In A Trance With The Release Of Their EMD Hit “Current State"

EMD producer Story Time enlists the talents of the angelic vocalist Abigail Winzer for psychedelic and a mesmerizing journey that traverses dimensions. The Berklee Online Undergraduate students were able to complete their projects virtually, which is a testament to the power of technology in today’s world.

The two artists released their energy-bending hit, “Current State,” on October 22nd. The elegant anthem focuses on the difficulty we currently tolerate when appreciating our current state in the world. The multi-dimensional aspect of the song makes it hard to pinpoint only a few inspirations. With such a broad theme, “Current State” delivers a picturesque fantasy realm to its audience. The lyrics magically curated to complement the reverie-inducing production send the listeners into an ‘Alice In Wonderland’ type-like voyage.

The song begins with Abigail Winzer’s blissful voice serenading the audience. As Story Time harmonizes with his grounded vocals, the instrumental tempo picks up and dispatches us into an aura-morphing daze. The blood-pumping beat entices the listener to whirl and twirl along as the intensity picks up over time. Catering to our need to escape the norm, “Current State” is the perfect conduit for all who desire a much-needed distraction. The song’s catchy chorus and hypnotizing nature give it a significantly elevated replay value.

With the professionalism displayed by Story Time and Abigail Winzer, it’s needless to say that they both have star power and the potential to become worldwide sensations. This is only the first collaborative display from the two artists, we are eager to experience their growth, and we are hopeful for more projects from this alliance.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Story Time, and Abigail Winzer! Congrats on the release of “Current State.” Could you please share what the inspiration behind the creation of this song was? What does it mean to you as creators?

Thanks for having us! We’re excited to have a platform to talk about this song. The initial inspiration came from our experiences with forgetting to appreciate the present moment. This song means a lot to us. It’s Abigail’s first single as a solo artist, and my most ambitious production yet.

What is the main message that you would like your listeners to reflect on when taking this piece in?

Remember to always appreciate your current state. Don’t run away from it, hoping to find happiness in a future that doesn’t exist.

Did you face any hurdles having to create this song virtually? How did you overcome them?

The biggest hurdle was definitely communicating what we wanted from each other. It’s hard to convey a vision over the internet. If we ever collaborated in person, I think the sessions would move much more quickly. But we managed to finish the song anyway, despite the difficulties!

How did the alliance between you two come to be? Can we expect further projects between the two of you?

Last Spring, we were classmates in a Berklee songwriting class. One of our assignments was to collaborate on a song as a group. We were the only two that showed up, and the rest is history. Perhaps that history will continue...

What would you like new listeners to know about you and your music?

Story Time: My goal is to combine the best parts of the old and new worlds of music. I want to bring great songwriting to EDM. Great lyrics are a lost art that I hope to help revive.

Abigail: I would like new listeners to know that music is truly a healing remedy, and should give people an escape into an alternate universe that uplifts, heals, and transports them to a place of great unity. I hope to bring innovation and new creativity to the world through my music, and ensure a unique experience through every song. Music is powerful, and I want mine to positively impact as many people as possible. That is my main goal.


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