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Stranger Girl Releases a Sign of the Times With Their Latest Single, "Spitballing"

Soaring in from Brighton, UK, the alternative-pop band Stranger Girl drops a heavily relatable single with their latest striking release, "Spitballing."

With tunes recognized by the BBC, Louder Than War, and A&R Factory, Stranger Girl has demonstrated time and time again that their sound is entirely authentic and genuine. With their debut EP on the rise, Stranger Girl now releases the project's second single.

Gearing up for their debut EP with their latest single, "Spitballing," Stranger Girl offers sounds similar to Blondie and The Strokes, intertwined with nerd-pop groups like Indoor Pets and Weezer. With explosive melodies and honest lyrics, Stranger Girl takes us through themes of anxiety, self-doubt, and navigating life in your twenties.

Right off the bat, "Spitballing" blasts us with power and elements of past pop-rock acts that blew us away. Through a heavy-hitting introduction, the song takes off with energy while lead vocalist Melissa begins singing of our repetitive days and wondering which step to take from here.

We can hear a magnetic merge of pop-punk, alternative, pop, and rock through this exciting single, as Stranger Girl keeps the song's energy at a high with their unexpected transitions and fiery melodies. While Melissa continues singing of her inner-turmoil, she ends the song off on a positive note and reminds listeners to hold onto hope. Throughout this single, Stranger Girl offers an invigorating feel and atmosphere that keeps us wanting more.

Find Stranger Girl's recent single, "Spitballing," on all digital streaming platforms, and prepare your ears for the band's debut EP later this month.

We must start by saying how thoroughly impressed we are by the tenacity and power you've brought with your single, "Spitballing." How did the creation of this song come about? Was your band collectively inspired to create this single?

Thank you! This single actually just started from myself (Melissa) writing the melody and lyrics on guitar. Then once I felt like it had some potential, I brought it to the guys who took it and ran with it. During the demoing period, Joe created the opening synth hook which really brought it to life. Then in rehearsal studios we spent ages all together figuring out the best way around the 5/4 section, we were inspired to do something a bit different from our usual song structure and edited the outro a lot until we were happy with it! Overall it was very much a team effort on all sides of the band.

Could you break down the members of your band and who handled the songwriting process for "Spitballing?" How did you write your lyrics to be universally relatable?

The band is made up of myself on lyrics, melody and rhythm guitar, Joe Perry on bass and synth, James Bush on drums, and Andrew Cheeseman on lead guitar. In terms of who handled this particular creative process, it definitely felt like a collective project that we grew together. It started with ideas for melody and lyrics and we went from there. The lyrical process normally just starts with me wanting to vent about something! In this case, I was just so frustrated with the struggle of pursuing goals and dreams that are just out of reach. I think if it’s something I’m going through there might be others out there feeling the same way, and hopefully, they will resonate with the words.

How did your band come across such powerful and unique instrumentals for "Spitballing?" Were the instrumentals born from a jam session or a more intricate process?

When we first started demoing the track, we knew we wanted it to sound a little bit different from our other songs. We had a couple of journalists say they could hear a pop-punk element in our sound, so we decided to try exploring this aspect of our songwriting. We thought it’d be great to have a really instant, explosive hook for the intro and layered a load of synths in the vein of Paramore’s ‘After Laughter’ album and Indoor Pets’ ‘Be Content’. This was one of the first times we branched out a bit more beyond the instruments within the band, which had the effect of creating a different flare for this single.

What's next for you?

Once ‘Spitballing’ is released, our next big venture is the campaign for the EP, which will be coming out during the Summer! We can’t wait to finally share what we’ve been working on. Following this, we’d love to get back on the gig circuit as soon as we can and are in the early stages of planning a 2022 tour. Fingers crossed everything will be back up and running - as we’ve missed live performance more than anything else!


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