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Strength Becomes You With Black$tar's "Hold On"

Black$tar is one of Calgary’s Hip-hop heavy-hitters. Born in Calgary, Canada, Black$tar is influenced by different cultures and genres being of Jamaican descent but strongly involved in Alternative, Pop-Punk, and Rock music and culture.

He became infatuated by the melodies, as he would memorize vocal and drum patterns, and would later move on to the piano. In 2011 he fell in love with Hip-hop after listening to the likes of T.I, Lupe Fiasco, and Mac Miller, and his journey carried on from there.

His most recent album, ‘Holy,’ is home to the vibrant single, “Hold On (feat. theCORE).” Exemplifying dark instrumentation that plays upon delicately chugging guitar riffs, the deep and soothing vocal performance courtesy of Black$tar has us caught up in the repetitious grooves provided. There’s a rhythmic appeal that leaps from the speakers as we delve into the lyrical motifs that Back$tar reiterates.

‘Gotta hold on,’ is the mesmerizing series of words that continues to pop up throughout this piece. Exuding the stability and strength it takes to hold on, even though it seems that the devil is working against you, Black$tar allows his train of thought to resonate with his fan base across the globe. The moment that theCORE presents himself on the second verse of “Hold On,” we understand the reason that Black$tar chose to recruit him for this song. They both carry forth a solidified confidence that oozes into their performance while they complement each other’s skill set for the best.

With such a brilliant contrast of genres blended into one track, we get to see how the versatility of Black$tar thrives in the realms he places himself into. “Hold On (feat. theCORE),” redefines what works together in music, and has Black$tar shining brightly in a lane of his own.

Hello Black$tar, and welcome to BuzzMusic, We love the message that you put into “Hold On (feat. theCORE).” How did you both come to collaborate on this project? What was it like working with one another to see your vision prosper?

The collab on this specific track was easy to get a hold of because theCORE Is my older brother so I just called him and asked for help with the chorus because I was having trouble trying to come up up with a catchy chorus that has meaning behind the words. It's easy working with my brother because he has a different mindset when it comes to writing we're both respected artists so we respect each other's views on each other's songs. It's a lot easier to work with family than with other artists.

In your own words, what does “Hold On (feat. theCORE),” mean to you? What allows it to be the standout track from this album?

The song "Hold On" to me means to hold on to whatever you believe in, whatever your beliefs in hold onto that when times get hard. I grew up in the church since I was a kid so I still hold onto those beliefs. I also lost a close relative close to the time of writing this song so it was a motivation song to keep going to myself really, but I hope it helps a lot more people around the world just as it helped me. It's a stand-out track on my album "Holy" because I'm known for my rap & R&B music and a lot of people would label "Hold On" as a pop-rock song so I had a different mindset when it came to writing this specific song.

How does it feel to have the album, ‘Holy,’ out in the ears of the public? What is your main inspiration behind this piece of work?

It feels amazing I've worked on that album for about a year so to be able to get it out with no complications is just awesome and i gotta give a huge shoutout to my team and UnitedMasters for being clutch with a drop! The main inspiration behind my alum "Holy"

was I started off as a Christian Artist but through time swayed away from that and started making worldly music gained a massive following and even got my song in NBA 2K 21 this year opened up for numerous artists such as Lil Nas X, the late Juice WRLD &

Even Rich Homie Quan. But for the longest time, I always wanted to make another Christian album and remembered myself making a promise that my next album will be a Christian album so I was finally able to make the album and it's honestly one of my favorite projects I ever made!

What is your mission statement as an artist? How do you ensure you place that into everything that you do?

My mission statement is just to be myself I'm not tryna chase any sound or be someone I'm, not I make the music I want and based on how I feel. I make music for all the kids that have a dream but then have someone ruin it with words and negativity cause I've been there having family and friends even teachers tell me that I was wasting my time or if I had a plan b cause if you put the work in and have faith anything can happen. I'm forming a small town in Calgary Alberta and I was able to get my song in a multi-million platform game. I live what I write back in my SoundCloud days I was referred to as the sad rapper because I was always talking about breakups because I rap what I've been through I'm just being a real artist showing the world Turrell Black even tho they know me as Black$tar.

What's next for you?

Next, me and the team are back in the studio getting ready for an EP in the works. Live shows and we recently dropped 'HOLY.' Merch on our website now!

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