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Stringz EMB Proves That Love Can Be Found Within "You"

Stringz EMB's latest single, "You," is a soulful and heartfelt ode to love that will have you swaying from the first note. The R&B artist, hailing from the vibrant cultural landscape of St. Louis, pours his heart and soul into this track, making it a must-listen for anyone who appreciates genuine, emotive music.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Stringz EMB found solace in music after confronting his own battles with depression. Since making the pivotal decision in 2014 to pursue music seriously, he has used his artistry as a vehicle for self-expression and healing. This personal journey, marked by resilience and personal growth, is beautifully reflected in "You," a song that captures the profound love and unyielding devotion he holds for his cherished wife.

"You" stands out with its stirring melody and heartfelt lyrics, offering listeners a glimpse into the depth of Stringz EMB's connection with his partner. The harmonies are crisp and raw, blending seamlessly with a sultry tone that draws you into the undertow of love and the journey described in the song. It's mesmerizing and enchanting, with Stringz EMB's pure adoration shining through every word.

Accompanied by an emotional music video, "You" unfolds as a tender narrative of the couple's journey together. From their first encounter to the cherished milestones they've celebrated, each passing scene portrays the warmth, resilience, and unwavering support that defines their bond. The video captures the essence of their shared experiences and the profound impact they've had on each other's lives, making it a perfect visual complement to the song.

Each glance, touch, and smile in the video poignantly reminds us of the beauty of their connection and the depth of their commitment to one another. With "You," Stringz EMB has created a captivating tribute to love that is both timeless and deeply personal. So don't say we didn't warn you; get ready to be moved because this song is a journey through the purest form of devotion.

Welcome to BUZZ, Stringz EMB! "You" is such a heartfelt tribute to your wife. Can you please share more about the inspiration behind the song and what it means to you personally?

First & foremost, thank you so much! The inspiration behind the song comes from love & the journey of partnership. We, as people, are made from love, so in turn, we are made to love. My attempt was to place a spotlight on my perspective of what the voyage of love & marriage looks like.

The music video for "You" beautifully portrays the journey of your relationship. How did you approach the storytelling aspect of the video, and what was the creative process like?

I really appreciate that. Honestly, the concept of the visual came from my Cinematographer, Andrew Stephen. That's the beauty of working with him. I sent the track over to him & his creative juices started bubbling. He hit me back a couple of weeks later with the idea. We chatted about it & I was all the way in. Smiling ear to ear, I couldn't wait to begin filming. We needed a leading lady who could possibly fill the void & Alysha was my instant thought. She's a vocal recording artist from St. Louis. We've worked together in the past, so there was already a relationship there. Oh yeah, & she's gorgeous..... so that made it a pretty easy decision. It took us a few weeks in total, but it was DEFINITELY worth every minute. The visual is beautiful & I'm excited to see what's to come of it.

Your music often explores themes of love, resilience, and personal growth. How do you balance these themes in your songwriting, and what message do you hope to convey to your listeners?

My intention is to always balance the message delivered in my music. Love is the most powerful drug in the world, and I'm just trying to get as many people addicted as I can. The personal growth part is just what happens. As I live my days, I absorb involuntary inspiration. It's only natural that when I write, everything that I am feeling (past and present) is poured out into my creations.

After confronting battles with depression, how has music been a therapeutic tool for you, and how do you hope it impacts others who may be going through similar struggles?

After battling depression, music has really been my lungs. It's allowed me to breathe & plant something that I can witness blossom. The journey has been so glorious that I've had no reason to backtrack into a depressive state. My heart is so filled with joy & anticipation. That, to me, was the true gift of depression. In the midst of my darkest times, I discovered the brightest part of my soul. I pray that others who are touched by depression, have the strength to take a step back & understand that in their storm, there's an indestructible shelter awaiting their arrival.

As you continue to evolve as an artist, what are some of the new themes or musical directions you are excited to explore in your upcoming projects?

As I continue to evolve as an artist, I plan to continue to spotlight love, but in my next album, the focus will be on a different perspective of love. A bit less of the "perfect," fairytale story & more on the slightly ratchet, sneaking around in attempts to find love. Most people are single, so my next project will cater to the majority. I really feel that the perspective will resonate with those in that space. I am really looking forward to hearing what people think. & Actually, it's been under wraps, but I just accidentally gave the name of the album in this interview. Can you guess the name?


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