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Stylz Milleon Challenges The Objectification Of Women In “Good 2 Yuh”

New Jersey-based Afrobeat/hip-hop artist Stylz Milleon aims to redefine masculine expression in music with his latest high-vibes single, "Good 2 Yuh."

The talented recording artist continues crafting his musical identity, heavily influenced by his cultural journey from Liberia through Europe and to the United States. His Afrobeat tunes and Caribbean rhythms directly reflect his diverse experiences, making him successful with singles like "Be Rich in 2021.

Turning up the heat, Stylz Milleon's new single and accompanying music video for "Good 2 Yuh" is a stellar vibe. He's committed to breaking stereotypes and urging fellow male artists to embrace their masculinity without objectifying women - and we're here for it. With sounds similar to JellyRoll and VibezKartel, this song slaps hard from all angles.

Diving deeper into "Good 2 Yuh," this Afrobeat anthem kicks off with smooth synths that gradually lead into irresistible Caribbean rhythms alongside Stylz Milleon's animated, energetic vocals. From the jump, it's clear this song is about celebrating good times and the playful back and forth between men and women - a refreshing experience compared to the usual objectification heard in today's modern music.

Stylz Milleon knows exactly how to make an impact. Whether it's through his spirited performance, melodic vocals, or playful lyrics that bring a smile to your face, he's evidently mastered the art of impactful music that will stand the test of time. This song is a groove and a half, leading us to the dancefloor without a care in the world.

What's better than pristine Afrobeat songs? One sung with the energy and swagger of Stylz Milleon. Experience it yourself and find his new single, "Good 2 Yuh," on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Stylz! We love the energetic and uplifting vibes in your recent single, "Good 2 Yuh." What inspired you to create this vibrant, passionate song?

Thanks, and it’s an honor to express my thoughts on the creative aspect and vibes of my new single “Good 2 Yuh”. It was an inspiration to create a passionate song that both males and females can relate to!

You've mentioned that "Good 2 Yuh" is a testament to your commitment to breaking stereotypes. Could you elaborate on how this single challenges the objectification of women, often heard in today's modern music?

Looking at today’s narrative, in a lot of songs, people are not singing about being intimate enough for their partner. I wrote this song to elaborate on valuing an intimate that one can provide all the intimacy one can imagine and need!

Did you work alongside producers or musicians when creating "Good 2 Yuh"? Who helped you bring your vision to life?

I produced the record and melodic arrangement. The smooth bass line and slide riff were added after the percussion. From the vocal recording and mixing, I, alongside a creative engineer and friend from New Jersey named Mike Travoy, could mix and craft my vocals to “Good 2 Yuh”.

What was your favorite part about creating "Good 2 Yuh"? What moments or experiences did you appreciate most?

My favorite part was the finished product, the song itself. Listening to the record was feeling something come alive in itself! I had a refreshing feeling and felt that “Good 2 Yuh” was catchy while melodically resonating with a message!

How do you hope listeners feel when hearing "Good 2 Yuh"? What impact do you want to leave on your audience with this single?

I hope listeners can appreciate this across time and live and enjoy the fruits of this smooth, uptempo, melodic, and catchy vibe and message!


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