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Suagee Releases “Wait A Minute”!

Suagee, the cousin of the late DOE. B, is an appealing and interesting artist who was born in Montgomery, Alabama. At the early age of just 15 he was signed with a local label called “Flame Ent”. He has performed with a wide range of different artists who helped collaborated on dope sound that’s sure to leave its marks on listeners! His new single titled “Wait A Minute” was everything but predictable! What I loved most about this was the catchy and addictive hook that highlighted his real cool southern accent. “Wait a minute wait a minute, hold on playa, what you think you doing mane” it reminds me of those popular vines me and my friends use to repeat all the time throughout high school. Suagee has this grimy rap flare that’s authentic to him and adds a stylistic detail to a typical hip-hop hit. He embodies the culture of rap by influencing his own unique persona within and it’s highly noticeable in “Wait A Minute”. Suagee’s “Wait A Minute” is an atypical rap hit, unorthodox from your regular music. You can most definitely tell he’s in his own lane and doesn’t shy too far away from creating a mainstream appeal. If you fiending for a new style of rap instead of the cultural norm of autotune and useless lyrics, then you might want to get a glimpse of this talented artist and his undeniable consistent hit making skills!

Be sure to check out "Wait A Minute" here, and get to know the artist a little better through their exclusive interview below!


What inspired you to go by the stage name Suagee?

My name is Suagee is the contraction of suave gangster... suave G... suagee.Some know me to be a little on the rough side and there are others who think I am just as smooth and Suave off as the day is long. So my name head to describe me and be unique at the same time. To this day I wear it well only more evolved.

Tell us a little bit about your first record deal when you were 15. Do you notice any major improvements from your talent back then to your skills now?

What I took as my first serious record deal was with a company called Flame Entertainment . I was originally discovered by a great producer/DJ by the name of Freddie D Incredible Smith along with Reginald Tino Brooks. Those guys had me at venues ,shows and places that I had never even heard of before. They groom me well as a youngster and motivated me along with a great deal of knowledge for the business. Because of them a great deal of what I do and how I handle myself is implemented in the way I handle my business now. Even though we are not to gather we are still together flame on!!!

What is “Wait A Minute”  about?

It’s more so about some of the hard times that I had in my life. When going through these times I would always sit back and think to myself of how I would overcome whatever objection that was presented to me at that particular time be it a physical object, a man , woman or just a simple mental challenge. Along my journey so far they were individuals who had an opportunity to treat me a lot better than what they probably did at that particular time and instead of allowing it to crash me I allowed it to motivate me. So it is just me re-delivering that motivated energy in hopes that someone else who is down and out and may be going through something will be able to hear this song and be motivated appropriately themselves. We have all had those moments where we have had to ask an individual to hold up a second and let’s talk about what it is that you are trying to do because it just doesn’t feel right for me. Especially when you catch an individual in the act of trying to wrong you and you correct them right there on the spot.” Wait a minute wait a minute “ ...  hold up playa what do you think you doing man!

You have plans of going into acting and comedy as well! Have you had any auditions for either form of art yet?

I have not really had a formal opportunity to audition for either art just yet but informally if you know me you would understand why people are dying for me to venture into comedy and acting is just normal for me. Hopefully soon the opportunity to showcase my other talents will grace your presence sooner than we think ( hint...hint ) stayed tuned.

What can we expect from you through 2019?

2019 is destined to be a GREAT year for me. Currently working on a book that will be titled Suagee “ THE FAILURE THAT FAIL TO FAIL “ which there is already talk of the movie with me doing the soundtrack also. Being able showcase some of my other talents as well as discovering new ways to do my part of giving back to the people in ways that it won’t just help them right then but will help them for life. I can’t go into a great deal of details on that but I can assure you it will be great! If I’m able to establish my label to the point where I can give some of this great undiscovered talent a chance then I definitely want to be a part of that ... trust me I know the feeling! 


Connect and keep up to date with Suagee on the artists Instagram!


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