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Submerge Yourself in the Wistful Sounds of Travis Cloer's, "Standing Here"

Broadway star and recording artist Travis Cloer holds the WORLD RECORD with over 2500 performances over 10 years as Frankie Valli in the TONY and GRAMMY-winning Broadway hit JERSEY BOYS in New York and Las Vegas.

With his latest album as a solo artist being deemed, “Riotously flawless pop-rock,” and know for the sheer brilliance behind it, Travis Cloer has also had three original singles hit the charts five times (iTunes top 40, 100, & 200 in the US, top 100 in Canada & UK).

Riding the wave of his well-deserved, mass success, Travis Cloer returns with another single that’s sure to turn heads. “Standing Here,” is the intimate ballad that immediately sparks a surge of warmth through your very being. The striking chord progressions courtesy of the opulent guitar riffs performed have you probing into the comforting hues that Travis Cloer is known for.

With mid-tempo instrumentation that seeps a reverberated vessel of simplicity, the eloquent nature of “Standing Here,” draws you towards the heartfelt soundscape that rests before you. Travis Cloer's songwriting techniques radiate illuminating tenors that are destined to tug on your heartstrings. There’s an inimitable poetic structure to the words he croons, as you gravitate towards the authenticity disbursed through genuine timbres of adoration. We’re truly captivated by the seamless cascade of Travis Cloer’s blissful harmonies that sweep the sound waves with good intentions.

Dousing lyrical motifs such as, ‘Just sleep tight, and dream right, I'm right here by your side,’ in a nurturing, and blanketed approach that speaks for itself, we’re absorbed in the personal invitation that Travis Cloer sends out to his audience. Bringing his true self with all of its vulnerability to your speakers, authentic music with an earnest meaning is exactly what you’ll stumble upon when you take in Travis Cloer’s “Standing Here.”

Listen to "Standing Here," here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Travis Cloer. The entire soundscape of “Standing Here,” is so beautifully put together. Where did your inspiration spark for such a heartfelt creation?

I wrote this song as a sort of bedtime prayer for my young kids right after they were born. As a new parent, I had to be in the room with my kids as they were falling asleep. Anytime I tried to leave, they would wake right up. So, I spent many nights with them and they could always count on me to be “Standing Here” whenever they would wake up. However, as I was recording it, I found the lyrics provided a more timely message as well. With all that we went through in 2020, this song speaks to anyone going through a hard time, feeling scared, feeling not enough, or alone. It says that no matter what you’re going through there will always be someone “Standing Here,” for you to lean on. It always helps when an artist has a great team to fulfill your vision in any way possible.

Did you happen to work with anyone else to achieve what you set out to do with “Standing Here?"

Absolutely! My producer and good friend, Grammy-nominated artist Frankie Moreno, is a vital part of my creative process. He produced my first album “HERE’S TRAVIS CLOER” also. His skills as a musician and songwriter are something I’ve always looked up to and his input on this project was vital. We first discussed the form of the song and what mood and message we wanted to set with it, then the magic took over in the studio. He’s a wizard there. The collaboration process with him is one of the things that I enjoyed the most with this song. We are both very passionate about music and I think listeners will be able to feel that when they listen to “STANDING HERE." With such remarkable accolades in your career as both a solo artist and Broadway performer, do you find any similarities or differences between the ways you present the music in each of these realms?

There are different approaches for sure to being in a Broadway show or recording in the studio. On stage you can rely on many other things to help you tell a story; lighting, sets, the movement of your body. However, in the studio, you have to channel all of that into your voice alone. The thing that is important to bring to both, I find, is 100% honesty and authenticity. Whenever that is the focus of the art you are delivering to an audience, it will make its mark on someone every time. What has been the proudest moment in your artistic career to date?

Joining the Broadway cast of JERSEY BOYS was a dream come true. I’ve wanted that since I started performing at an early age and to achieve that through hard work and perseverance is something I’ll always be proud of. There’s a different kind of pride and accomplishment though, from releasing a song that you wrote, that is 100% your creation. To hear the finished product of “STANDING HERE” fills me with such joy and pride every time I listen to it because it came straight from my heart and soul.

Do you have any other releases lined up for the summer season?

I’m always writing and working on new music. Summer music is some of my favorite because it's always upbeat, feel-good music. That’s what I like to write. I’ll be back in the studio for sure to keep the songs coming. Until then, I hope listeners can take the message of “STANDING HERE” and spread the love around in their lives. Our world can use that right about now.

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