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SUBURBS Delivers Food for the Soul in a New Single, "Next To Me"

The Southern Ontario-based pop trio SUBURBS returns with a smooth and deeply passionate single to lift our spirits entitled "Next To Me."

Comprised of Dave, Mac, and Jake, SUBURBS prides themselves on their catchy melodies, storytelling lyricism, and an entrenched groove. After releasing their debut EP, 'The Sweet Nothing,' in 2020, SUBURBS was able to plant their feet in the heart of our independent industry with help from a sound that's entirely their own.

Now releasing their latest romantic and heartfelt single, "Next To Me," SUBURBS loses us in a daydream as they serenade us with the utmost passion and emotion. While the lead vocalist brings us into quite the romantic storyline, the rest of SUBURBS perfectly backs him up with their lush and peaceful instrumental soundscapes.

Hitting play on "Next To Me," the venture begins with a serene organ accompanied by the lead vocalist's sweet and soothing vocal portrayal telling the story of how deeply enamored he is by someone special and their unique presence. As the instrumentation slowly begins to expand, SUBURBS makes the listening experience all the more dreamy through their subtle yet haunting synth arrangements, light percussion, and calming electric guitar.

We adore the song's gentleness and delicacy, as it perfectly demonstrates one's emotions when yearning to fall into someone's gravity and be by their side for all of eternity. If there's one thing for sure, it's that SUBURBS has perfectly mastered how to create an effective and story-like piece that moves mountains in our hearts and minds.

Lose yourself in the passion and affection of SUBURBS's latest single, "Next To Me," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic SUBURBS. We're thoroughly impressed with the emotion and heart you've placed into your recent single, "Next To Me." Where did the song's inspiration come about?

The idea behind Next To Me was really the thought of infatuation at a distance. The feeling of being in love, but the blissful ignorance that comes with falling for someone who doesn't know it. Once we had "I wanna fall in your gravity", the song became much easier to write. "Wanting" to fall in someone's gravity was our way of summarizing that feeling.

Could you enlighten us on who plays what in your group and how you went about your creative process for "Next To Me?"

SUBURBS is made up of Dave Sangalli (vocals), Jake Korosi (bass), and Mac Racicot (drums). The three of us write, record, and produce all of our own tracks, including Next To Me. "Next To Me" started the same way most SUBURBS songs have started; Mac & Jake wrote the track's foundation musically without a vocal melody. Later, Dave provided a melody that we collectively thought captured the vibe that we wanted to communicate. From there, it was really just writing the lyrics, tweaking parts, and re-recording the sonic landscape that was initially laid out.

Who wrote the lyricism for "Next To Me?" Was this a collective process? Or does one sole member handle your songwriting?

Fortunately, once Dave has a melody outlined, he adlibs a line or even a word that sets the three of us down a path of exploration. All three of us write the lyrics, and the process is really a simple discussion around what we want to say. We ask each other a lot of questions and pull at each thread that excites us.

How did you want the listener to feel after experiencing such a lush and heartfelt piece like "Next To Me?" What did you want your audience to take away from this single?

The original track itself had a good amount of dynamics as it played out, and we wanted to capture that emotionally, as well. We want the listeners to feel the verses' intimate and personal moments with the choruses' euphoric release. We wanted the audience to have a love song about wanting to be in love.

What's next for you?

Our latest EP, Holding It Together, just came out on September 30th. We've got more content to come with that, but in the meantime, we are back to writing more music and preparing for live shows in the near future.


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