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Sully Soars With Strength on Her Empowering Single, "Ghosting (Me)"

Melbourne's own Pop Princess and Singer/Songwriter Sully releases an empowering message with her latest Electro-Pop single, "Ghosting (Me)."

Following the success of her recent anthemic single, "I Should Know Better," Sully is making waves with each project she creates.

Sully has undergone quite the transformation over quarantine, and thanks to Media Avenue Design, we'll soon be able to watch Sully's avatar take the sonic world by storm within her upcoming music videos. Excited and eager as ever to release her forthcoming projects, not to mention an EP set to release in 2021, Sully is ready to capture listeners into her stunning sound.

Recently releasing a single that's the product of her recent transformation with "Ghosting (Me)," Sully wanted to share the trials and tribulations she's endured within toxic relationships. While coming through with soaring vocals, a driving synth bassline, and an overall thrilling atmosphere with the entire sonic production, Sully gives listeners a sweet taste of empowerment.

Sully's latest single, "Ghosting (Me)," opens with droning background synths that set a humid and heated atmosphere. As Sully begins singing with her broad vocal range, not only are we impressed with the sweet melodies she graces us with, but we're entirely grateful for the relatable and empowering lyricism she delivers surrounding a need for loyalty and trust.

Listening to the song's production, it's equally as melodic as Sully's warm vocals, pushing through with an array of synths that scream modern Electro-Pop. Not to mention the punchy drum breaks that burst with energy and power, our spirits are naturally lifted after listening to this relatable single.

We're incredibly excited for our readers to familiarize themselves with the soaring stylings of Sully and her anthemic power punch of a single, "Ghosting (Me)." Available on all streaming platforms.

What initially inspired you to create such a relatable and empowering single like "Ghosting (Me)?"

I guess I had some stuff to get out of my system, truth be told. I had a weird dating experience where I was ghosted by a guy I really liked who ended up just not knowing what it was that he wanted. Initially (as I guess a lot of us do) I took it personally and felt like there was something wrong with me and that ended up leading me to not date for a little while. Rejection hurts and it took me some time to realize that people just make decisions and that we’re not going to be compatible with the majority of the people we date. It was a blessing because it made me realize I needed to lighten up and enjoy the process of meeting new people, and not have such great expectations of others. I think it also made me realize that we can’t get everything from one person and that it’s really unfair to expect that. It’s good to just have some fun and be open to learning new things and seeing where things go. Writing this song was extremely cathartic.

Within your lyricism on "Ghosting (Me)," you get incredibly descriptive when singing about the relationships you've endured. Did you face any challenges when writing such personal lyricism?

I prefer to get descriptive and into the nitty-gritty when it comes to songwriting, which is a far cry from my poetry and blog writing. Since writing for this project, I’ve become really comfortable with letting it all go and land on the lap of the listener. I think it’s really special when you write about your experience and someone else connects with it. It captivates the shared humanity we are capable of experiencing. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it can be a bit awkward. I’ve played a song about a boy, for said boy before. It was hard but I was also just kind of like to him “well this happened, so there’s no point in hiding from it.” Funnily enough, he actually ended up loving the song.

Did you have any help with the production and sonics for your single "Ghosting (Me)"? What did you want listeners to experience through the song's production?

Yes absolutely! I worked with the insanely talented Entente Production team (Ezekiel Fenn, Michael Best). They had heard my first single and hit me up for a writing session. It was such a fun vibe working with these guys. We ended up getting halfway through the song in the first session and we decided that it was worthwhile finishing it. It underwent a lot of evolution, as it was initially not so synth-heavy. I learned a lot in those sessions - I grew a lot of confidence to suggest production ideas and the boys were responsible for that - they were all about exercising their patience and pushing me out of my comfort zone. We’re back to writing again, so I’m excited to see where we end up with the next song.

Do you normally create such thumping Electro-Pop bangers as "Ghosting (Me)"? Or do you experiment with other sounds and approaches as well?

I write at home and dabble with Splice samples and chord progressions that I come up with at home on my keyboard, but I’m big on collaboration. I’ve fallen in love with K-Pop in recent years and so I guess that’s partly why this came out of the sky the way it did. But I also write with another producer and songwriter (they collaborated with me on my first single) and there is a heavy RnB influence. So I’m kind of floating in the middle of electro-pop banger meets new-RnB synth beat type production. It makes for some beautiful light and shade in the live show, which I’m very ready to hit the ground running within 2021.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

I’ve been very lucky to be surrounded by many hard-working creatives, so I think that has kept me in check and kept me grounded. The Melbourne music scene is insanely jam-packed full of talent and hard workers and being immersed amongst artists that are on the grind constantly is good. I am also on a bit of a creative tangent with my writing and with the visual aspect of the Sully story, which has been like a bit of a breath of fresh air, to be honest. I share my writing over on my website in the style of diarised poetry and storytelling of different experiences through the eyes of a comic book character, which all works back to the journey the character is on. That helps me with songwriting too; it’s a bit like a book, where each volume gives the reader more of the story. I love to dive in deep and explore what is happening with the character and I think that allows me to dive deeper into where I’m at with my life and my experiences and how the world around me is shaping the person I’m becoming. We’re always ‘becoming’ so I think that means there is always art to be created.


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