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“Summer Of Love” By Lou Ella Brings A Unique Taste Of Music and Heartbreak To Listeners

Lou Ella started singing at a young age and grew up immersed in music from her dad’s North African origins to her mom’s European influence. After her parents separated, teenage Lou Ella started writing songs as she felt she struggled as an only child and she decided to stop hiding and instead be heard. Lou Ella’s sound is a combination of pop and soul with powerful lyrics that talk of the emotions she was always afraid of sharing.

Lou Ella’s voice is sultry and soothing in “Summer Of Love” and she has written a beautiful piano line to accompany the passionate track. I love how the song starts off slow and gains traction with the addition of bongos, snaps and harmonies that add further depth to the track. Lou Ella’s tone of voice is refined and she is able to deliver the lyrics beautifully while embedding a sensual vibe into each word. The laid-back lyrics flow phenomenally together and describe the loss of love along with the pain that follows mixed with the fond memories that have been created during the “Summer Of Love”. I really am a big fan of the slow addition of instruments and harmonious vocals, as it really leaves this mysterious vibe that makes you wonder if there are any other surprises lurking – and there really are numerous moments that took my breath away. Overall, I love the tone of Lou Ella’s voice in “Summer Of Love” combined with the eclectic and unique tones that can be found throughout what sounds like, in my opinion, a blend of pop and jazz tones that create this tranquil tune.

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