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Summer Rain Brings Forth Love And Humor In “Let Me Tell You”

They say that where you're from shapes who you are. Hailing from Qualicum Beach in Vancouver Island, where the average population for the town is 65 years old, Summer Rain has been endlessly inspired by old-school music while maintaining a youthful and relatable discography.

Bandmates Will McLelland (guitar, vocals), Josh Beausoleil (bass, vocals), and Logan Hale (drums) have managed to capture the attention of millions with their hits like "South of the Border" and "Hold Her Hand," both an eclectic mix of folk and indie rock. Every song is a beautiful collaboration between each member's strengths, from sweet vocals to groovy guitar and drums.

Summer Rain teaches us not to take ourselves too seriously, and they prove that throughout their latest music video for "Let Me Tell You." Going into the euphoric bliss that the act of love brings to those feeling its powerful embrace, the brilliance laced into the song's meaning gets taken into the visual representation. Summer Rain provides us with the beauty that comes from living in the moment.

Through the vintage cinematography that embodies a dream-like state, our screens are graced by the heartfelt moments from the band showing how nothing is ever what it seems. As Will Mclelland's buttery smooth vocals cast out passionate wording that brings you emotions of joy and passion, "Let Me Tell You" has glimmers of humor etched into the creation as well. As the confusion lifts from the surface, what's left is two lovers to face the world together.

Playing into your heartrending sentiments, the finer details of this music video capture the warmth locked into our souls and propel these tenors to higher limits. Mastering the art of evoking emotion, Summer Rain taps into a level that we're happy to explore with an affinity for adoration.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Summer Rain. We admire the heartfelt themes you inject into the "Let Me Tell You" music video. Was this always the creative concept for the music video?

Thank you! We appreciate that. Well, the theme of the music video differs a little bit from the single. The concept for the music video came several months after we had written the single and had developed and changed directions several times before we arrived at the final product.

How does the creative process tend to work for Summer Rain? Did "Let Me Tell You" fit into this formula?

Our primary songwriter, William McLelland, tends to view songwriting as a meditative activity with no real method other than mindfulness. He starts writing and, in pretty short order, he’ll have a complete song from beginning to end. ‘Let Me Tell You’ differed from the norm in that it was a group effort from the beginning. Logan and Josh saw the song through from beginning to end.

With such vibrant lyrics that embed themselves into the minds of your listeners, do you happen to have a favorite subject to write about?

The human experience. It sounds very generalized, and it is, but it’s true. The human experience is very complex and interesting and relatable. There’s no end to topics that a person can write about when they’re writing about what happens in real life. We have an unwritten rule that we don’t write about dragons and castles.

What words of wisdom do you have to give to your audience that may be feeling down about love?

“It’s always fantastic in the end. If it’s not fantastic, it’s not the end.”

What's next for you?

We’re releasing a new song every six weeks and writing roughly three songs per week. We’re going to continue doing what we’re passionate about and sharing it with the world, enjoying it as much as possible, hoping we can bring some extra love, joy, and compassion to the world, and writing lots of run-on sentences.


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