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SUMWHR Sets Quite the Scene in a New Single, "Got It Made"

Hailing from the small city of Watts, California, is the melodic singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer SUMWHR with his new nightclub-esque bop, "Got It Made."

Best known for his sounds that could be described as "wave r&b," SUMWHR uses his edgy approach and unique skillset to continue pushing boundaries in the industry. We're sure you'll be impressed by the dedicated singer-songwriter's broad artistic capabilities through his catchy lyrics, ear candy vocals, and an overall dark, melodic vibe.

Enhancing those vibes tenfold is SUMWHR's latest single, "Got It Made," which totally takes us to the nearest nightclub thanks to the song's dark and sensual vibe and pulsing r&b production. SUMWHR's performance offers this blend of Don Toliver and the late great Juice WRLD but adds this other unique aspect through his tender vocals and unique flow.

Expanding on the new hit, "Got It Made," the track opens with dark and melodic keys that drift through our speakers and slowly approach the heavy and bright drum breaks. We love the high-energy and hi-hat-heavy drum arrangement in this track; it perfectly revs up the energy to keep the groove alive.

Listening to SUMWHR's melodic and dreamy performance, he expands on a certain someone who has it made and gets everything they please solely through a simple look. The song's production perfectly emphasizes SUMWHR's passionate performance and keeps us hooked from top to bottom. We also appreciate how he rounded out the hook to offer this anthemic sing-along feel for any listener to join in.

Find out how someone "Got It Made" through SUMWHR's highly-anticipated new single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, SUMWHR and, congratulation on the release of your new head-bopping single, "Got It Made." What inspired you to create a track about how someone has it made?

Well, the idea was random but also close to a situation that one of my good friends had with a young lady he was seeing, don’t want to say any names. One of many qualities people find attractive in a partner is the fact that even alone you can stand on your own. To have balance in a relationship is key because yes you can be independent but also have someone behind you, it symbolizes strength.

Why did you want to offer this dark club-esque vibe within the production for "Got It Made?" How does this sound enhance the song's concept?

I feel the tempo matters a lot when creating records, I didn’t want to be so drastic with a slower melody or follow the structure of a ballad to get the message across. The delivery of “Got it made” was to catch ears quickly you know, I wanted people to kind of guess it was a club record but change up the vibe to still move in a direction of praise for the person you may be with at the time.

How can new listeners get to know your sound and style through "Got It Made?" Would you say this song is a solid representation of the music you create?

My music kind of has a recurring theme to it, more on the dark kind of sound but very spacey to let some elements breathe. The biggest thing I’ve tried to get across was writing catchy but not so repetitive lines, while pushing the melodic boundaries by blurring the line of R&B, Hip-Hop, and a little Pop (Popular music). This song delivers a lot of the key elements I drive in my music, as you know the sound constantly evolves so I’m growing as a person and an artist. The sky's the limit.

What was your songwriting process like for "Got It Made," and what core theme did you want listeners to take away from your lyrics?

The writing process for me consists of me sitting in a very dimly lit room, hitting the record button, and letting my mind wander on its journey. Many times I try not to go into sessions spilling out words right away because to me it’s more about the feel of the record. What you could take away from my record is the true essence of openness to speak your truths and you know we all feel we got it made when we find our soulmates right?.

What's next?

I like this question. Pretty funny because what’s next for me is another release which is titled “NEXT”. After that, I hope to continue releasing records and working with many other artists to collaborate in a big way.


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