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Sun J And His Finely- Calibrated Group The Khatarnaak Hip-hop Collective Drop “Dilli”

Sun J is a hip-hop artist from New Delhi. His project The Khatarnaak Hip-hop Collective is bringing the revival of hip-hop to India. The creator of Khatarnaak, Sun J comes from a family of modest means and wants to spread his vivid message of real life in New Delhi. Let his skill-set take you on a journey through India’s capital city.

Khatarnaak’s hot track and music video,“Dilli” which is slang for Delhi, is not predominantly in English but it does not matter. You can still vibe with the high energy sound. Founder and front-man Sun J delivers devastating bars and flow with expert precision and expansive language. The soft piano throughout the track is the perfect dualling opposite to the heavy beat that is hypnotically introduced early on. Sun J remains consistently spectacular throughout the entrancing and fun-loving music video. The video takes you to another place, deep inside the local hip-hop scene of New Delhi. “Dilli” is a song about being proud of where you’re from, as Sun J would say in my favorite line, “B***h, I’m from Dilli”! The release coincides with India’s Republic Day which makes the message behind this track even more perfect. Sun J and The Khatarnaak Hip-hop Collective’s popularity keeps growing and we can only hope they keeping bringing us bangers like “Dilli”. We highly recommend checking out this hot new single.

Check it out here.


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