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SUNBURNT Returns To Unveil Their New Soul-Stirring Single “In Front of Me”

Sometimes, we can only see what’s right in front of us.

With combined musical journeys spanning over 15 years, seasoned artists SUNBURNT have captivated their audiences for a long time.

With SUNBURNT being a metaphor for working through the scorching sun, this talented outfit has done everything but remain complacent, always refining and innovating its sound whenever inspiration strikes. Having weathered the challenges of music, life, and life on the road, thus far, it’s looking like nothing can stop their heat.

Refusing to conform to the glossy allure of mainstream pop, SUNBURNT is composed of the electrifying Justin Tyler on vocals, the dynamic Will Brown on guitar, and the riveting Alex Pombar on bass.

In pop’s stead, they’ve embraced the spirit of Southern California’s alternative, hardcore, and pop-punk traditions, skillfully blending these influences into a cohesive sound.

The collective results of their efforts have been nothing short of breathtaking, and if they can continue to keep the high standard they’ve set for themselves, their future will be very bright indeed.

SUNBURNT’s latest release, “In Front of Me,” is a refreshing and attention-gripping testament to their consistent excellence. Co-written by Jayden Seeley of With Confidence, “In Front of Me” unfolds against a desert backdrop as the sun dips below the horizon, encapsulating the emotions of starting anew.

The instrumental performance sounds introspective, almost like you’re staring out the window driving down a dusty road. “Come take a drive with me,” Justin Tyler almost hauntingly sings before belting lyrics like, “and all I see is in front of me,” releasing pent-up tension.

In many ways, “In Front of Me” almost feels cathartic at times, but above anything else, it’s a damn good piece of music.

“In Front of Me” is a riveting, breathtaking release that resonates with the complexities of adult life.



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