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Sunset Junkies Rise Up with "Let It Out"

Sunset Junkies boasts a unique amalgamation of progressive metal, djent, and rock to create a swirling and powerful wall of sound that is easily accessible and robustly apprehensive.

This time, the Brisbane powerhouse has us gravitating towards their newly released single “Let It Out” as they gear up to launch the highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Darkness Visible.’

In an ambiance that delves into complex musical arrangements, the overall soundscape of this track leads you into an intriguing whirlwind of thought and emotion evoked. Deemed as perfection in the world of prog pocket symphonies, it’s brilliant to see just how each member of Sunset Junkies radiates their skill set in a complementary way to each member. At the same time, the contrast is immense in an impactful manner.

Working with Grammy award-winning producer extraordinaire David Bottrill, the remarkable adroitness that comes heeding through the infectious grooves has us peaking and dipping in rather uncanny navigation. “Let It Out” tours us through dimensions waiting to be discovered with a gritty texture that’s off-grid.

When you think you’ve come to the end of this mind-altering sonic venture, the bolstered transition of rhythm takes you to the final chorus that has you unraveling in Sunset Junkies’ energy for one last hoorah. Redefining a myriad of genres, we know that we can always count on Sunset Junkies to grasp the helm of unorthodox resonance and lead us into a true masterpiece.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Sunset Junkies. We love the essence of your latest record, "Let It Out." Could you please take us into the more profound meaning that's laced into this song?

The new album is a deep dive inside my psyche. So 'Let It Out' is about overcoming whatever is keeping you from opening up. It's about having the courage to look inside yourself and face your demons head-on with grace and fortitude.

From your forthcoming sophomore album, what inspired you to allow this track to carve the oath for the full body of work?

'Let It Out' is perhaps one of the more accessible songs on the album, and we thought that'd be a wise choice after the dark progressiveness of 'Pentagram.' 'Let It Out' encapsulates the breadth of our style and lyrically sets the listener up well for what's to come.

Could you please share a glimpse of what listeners have in store regarding the overall concept and sounds heard on 'Darkness Visible?' Do you find that this album speaks directly into your branding as your fan base knows it?

This is definitely a bit of a curveball without being too far outside the realm of our previous offerings. It's heavier, darker, deeper, and more personal than our first album. While many of the songs are very progressive, I think we've managed to express ourselves more concisely this time around. I think it's pretty bold, and we're all very proud of it.

If listeners could reflect on a specific theme in "Let It Out," what would you want it to be, and why?

Open up, talk about your problems. Figure out the kind of person you truly want to be and have the courage to become that person.

What's next for Sunset Junkies?

We're going to do all we can to get this new music out into the world as far as it will go. We want to play live, record more music and build our audience. We're lifers.


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