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Sunshine Scott Draws The Line In Relationships In “Not Your Sunshine”

A native of Nashville, Alternative pop and rock artist Sunshine Scott sings about self-love and self-respect in her band's single and music video “Not Your Sunshine.”

Sunshine Scott is a pop and rock scene visionary, creating a genre she calls “fairy rock.” It is music with crucial elements of fantasy and storytelling. She grew up surrounded by the arts in a creative family. Now she creates a world with her sign. It is admirable that she writes, composes, and produces all her work, including videos, calling herself a DIY artist.

“Not Your Sunshine” is a story turned into music. In this song, Sunshine Scott explores the extraordinary effects perseverance and self-respect have on your life. They seem almost supernatural. Thus, although this story has fantasy elements, Sunshine Scott wrote it around aspects that are universal to human beings. It is as if we could do magic out of self-love.

Diving into “Not Your Sunshine” starts with distant notes of electric guitar, digital sounds in the back, and stomping drums, creating the dark oniric ambiance like an adventure about to start. Sunshine Scott’s voice shows up empowering, matching with exceptional vocal skills. The lyrics are catchy and able to transmit feelings.

The instrumentals are diverse, and the effects are masterfully done to keep your attention, changing the intensity during the verses and building hype before the chorus. “Not Your Sunshine” is the work of an accomplished artist, including a music video that immerses you in Sunshine Scott’s story.

Get to know the musical storytelling genre of fairy rock and immerse in the story of “Not Your Sunshine.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sunshine Scott, and congratulations on your latest release, "Not Your Sunshine." What experience motivated you to write “Not Your Sunshine?”

I wrote "Not Your Sunshine" just days after I suffered an extremely traumatic and terrifying event at the hands of someone I truly trusted and cared about. In fact, I almost canceled the production session because of the newness and pain of it all. However, I made the choice for myself to go in anyway because I felt like it had a purpose beyond even my understanding. The life-altering event I experienced led me to a personal epiphany. I have spent my entire life breaking my back and running my own rivers dry for people who simply do not care. At that moment, I decided I was worth more than the abuse and bullying I had been dealt in my life. I discovered my mission and made the choice to embrace it. I am Sunshine, and I will be light. Nobody will ever take that away from me again. I will bring joy to those who are pure of heart and intention, and everyone who wishes to stifle my light is not worthy of it. To those who choose love, I am your light; to those who choose hate, I am "Not Your Sunshine."

How would you like “Not Ur Sunshine” to influence your listeners?

I would like listeners to know that they are worthy of love and respect. That they deserve no less than the light, they give. If you give your all to people and they disrespect you or dull your light, then they are not worthy of your time or your energy. Let your light shine for yourself no matter what, and spread it to those worthy of it.

What was the most challenging moment of making the video for “Not Ur Sunshine?”

The most challenging part of making the music video for me was figuring out how to translate my concept. I was extremely influenced by Cult Classics, Anime, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and I wanted them to be cheesy and over-the-top but also have some generally palatable moments. "Not Your Sunshine" is the self-empowering anthem for well-intentioned misfits like myself, and I was very worried that that would get lost in translation.

How do you think making “Not Ur Sunshine” sunshine and the video impact your future work?

Making this song and video has taught me so much. It is not my first time by any means writing, directing, or starring in my own DIY music video and song. However, this video specifically taught me so much about directing a large group of actors, creating and teaching choreography, and commanding their performance in front of a camera. It was just another confirmation that this is my passion and what I will fight to do every day for the rest of my life. Working with Arht on the production was such a wonderful experience, and I learned so much about different production styles in the process. He is amazing and made "Not Your Sunshine" come to life in ways I had never even imagined possible! The song itself taught me that I am unapologetically myself and will never let the harsh words or actions of others take that away from me. I am Sunshine for myself, and I will be Sunshine for those who are deserving of light, not those who tear me down.

What's next for you?

I have huge plans for next year, starting in February with the release of my most in-depth self-directed/produced music video yet, and my very first entirely self-produced track, "Bang Bang (XO)." You might also see me on your screens for very exciting things on the national level. However, I am not allowed to say what exactly yet. All I can say is, be on the lookout! This is just the beginning.


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