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SUPER-Hi & NEEKA Are "Following The Sun"

Electronic music group and producers SUPER-Hi team up with musical duo NEEKA for one hell of a summer anthem entitled "Following The Sun" and an accompanying music video.

SUPER-Hi earned their chops working as their alternate identity, Red Triangle (David Guetta, Charlie Puth, Alesso, 5 Seconds Of Summer). They've made it clear that house-shaking and party-starting electronic tunes never go out of style, but they'reThey've" also skilled in merging organic instrumentals for a palpable experience.

The electronic group recently teamed up with vocal duo NEEKA for their breezy anthem for summertime, "Following The Sun." The song is a lively breath of fresh air that melts the speakers with spirited beats, lush vocals, bright keys, and a tender guitar melody. The song's music video is truly a treat for the soul.

Diving into the picturesque music video for "Following The Sun," the scene opens with an actress getting ready to hit the road in her open-topped Jeep. As she picks up a friend, the two rolls full steam ahead towards their endless thrills and adventures. The many nature-esque drone shots and their wind-blown hair give us some extreme vacation FOMO.

After traveling through the lush forests, the gals land on the rocky cliffs of the Mediterranean Sea, jumping in without a care in the world. The underwater shots feel like some sort of travel agency advertisement that's almost too good to be true. When all is said and done, the girls end their day sinking their feet into the sandy pebbles and watching the sun go down.

Allow SUPER-Hi and NEEKA to take you on a sonic vacation with their latest single and music video, "Following The Sun." Find the song on all digital streaming platforms and the music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, SUPER-Hi. You have us craving a vacation after watching your music video for "Following The Sun." What inspired the carefree, bright, and feel-good song itself?

That's basically it! We were in lockdown and were desperate to jump in a car and head to a beach somewhere or travel somewhere hot, and we couldn't. So we thought we'd write a song that had that feeling, at least.

What was it like working alongside musical duo NEEKA for "Following The Sun?" How did that collaboration come about?

NEEKA are both awesome writers, singers, and people! Negin is a writer we've worked with on lots of projects, and Katy is my Sister! We had been wanting to do something with them as an act for ages, and this was the first thing we did… right place, right time vibes for sure.

Who helped create the "Following The Sun" music video? What was it like brainstorming ideas and approaches for the visual project?

The music video was tough because we couldn't be there because of COVID. As soon as we saw the treatment, we were buzzing because it encapsulated the whole meaning behind the song, Rick and I are those idiots that will take a longer route to somewhere just for the journey and the road trip, and the video had that. We also LOVE cliff jumping, and it had that too, even though the director had no idea.

What sort of visual experience did you want to offer viewers with the "Following The Sun" music video? What did you want them to feel?

We wanted people to be able to put the video on and lose themselves in the images and music. It's all about escape. We've watched it a thousand times, and reading the comments is awesome because it really means something to so many people. There's even an edit online that lasts 24 hours or something, but I think that's possibly too much Following the Sun for one day ha

What's next for you?

Hopefully, some shows and more music. The song has become such a global thing that we're seeing it connect in so many different countries. We'd love to travel the world and play it live for people. We have another record coming out this summer which we're buzzing about too, so stay tuned.


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