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Super Love Dares You To Get Real On “Tell Me”

The New York outfit continues to put their “Autonomous indie” on the map.

Coming to prominence on the bustling streets of New York City, Super Love has steadily established themselves as a beacon of innovation in the indie music scene.

With their distinctive blend of multi-layered lyrics and cross-genre grooves, this talented band offers a sonic experience that’s captivated audiences worldwide.

With a sound that expertly walks the line between modern and contemporary, the future of Super Love remains astonishingly bright, and we think they have what it takes to be successful in this industry for a long time.

Super Love, the brainchild of Constance and Jared Watkins, was founded in 2019. Super Love has impressively defied categorization by drawing inspiration from the vibrant and incredibly diverse local scene of New York City.

By incorporating elements as diverse as punk and jazz into their vividly expressive releases, they’ve stayed true to their commitment to exploration and experimentation. This has led to some inspired releases, leading to Super Love carving out a loyal following in the scene in no time flat.

An irresistibly groovy guitar progression greets you on Super Love’s latest release, “Tell Me,” setting the stage for the classic rock instrumental performance that comes after. “Tell me, tell me, tell me, something real,”

Constance and Jared Watkins sing, feeding off each other’s infectious energy in this compelling duet. Featuring a 7/4 time signature, classic rock instrumentation, and unforgettable vocal performances, “Tell Me” is an alt-pop-rock banger that’s sure to be a mainstay for years to come.

As Super Love continues to defy convention and carve out their path in the music world, one thing is sure: their autonomous indie style is here to stay. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Super Love’s latest single, “Tell Me,” on all major streaming platforms.


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