Superbloom Releases New Single “The Hit”

Lush, melancholy, glittering soul and R&B-inspired Superbloom captures the space in which futuristic beats meets timeless sounds, while echoing moments of unrequited love and longing. The duo consists of Joseph Renolayan and Ana Lucia Villalobos, as the two started collaborating in Los Angeles mid-2016.

They released their ethereal single titled “The Hit” and you’re bound to fall in love with it at instance. The song begins with its hypnotic beat that has elements of trap-pop, and chilled R&B. It creates an nostalgic vibe for the song and propels the setting and what’s next to come. The vocals from Ana transitions in with her idiosyncratic, out of the ordinary, passionate voice resonance. Her sound is something augmented but it’s perfect for projecting emotion in a single. It’s one of my personal type of voices because it’s also raspy, soulful, and rich in sound. With relatable agony and cultivating lyricism, the tune becomes an atmospheric hit that we can add to our playlists of other mood setting vibes to get us lost in the moment.

Listen to "The Hit" here and check out our interview with Superbloom below!

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, we’re called Superbloom, an R&B/soul duo from Los Angeles. Ana Lucia is the main vocalist, Costa-Rican born/California-raised songwriter. Joe is a multi-instrumentalist, born and raised in the Philippines, who loves to make beats.

You guys started collaborating in mid 2016! How did the both of you meet and how did the idea of creating a duo come about?

We met at a bar in Echo Park through a mutual friend who was DJ’ing that night. I (Ana) invited a bunch of people over for a late night jam session. Joe started playing piano then I sat next to him and we started doing a few covers. He had a rehearsal space downtown and that’s when we started to have weekly meetings making our own music.

Has there been any challenges working together in the past two years?

Working together creatively has never been tough for us. We get caught up in making executive decisions for releases, and whether we think we need more content than what’s already available. Another challenge is having too many good jams that we can’t finish.

Do you notice a change in the new music you’re creating? How do you feel your music has evolved since you started?

Absolutely, we’re constantly challenging each other musically and stylistically to keep the sound fresh while still keeping true to our vibe. Our writing process has also evolved in a way that allows us to be more free-flowing.

How would you lyrically interpret “The Hit” for us?

It’s about being haunted by a former love and asking yourself questions of what you could’ve done to give them what they wanted to potentially love you.

What are you looking forward to in 2019 the most and why?

We’re looking forward to share the music we’ve kept under wraps for the last 2 years and recording new tracks that are in the works. Also, we’re really excited to tour and share some exciting news!

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