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Superior Productionz Drops “Throne” Feat. Fade Green & Jokwin

Music engineer and self-made producer, Robert Watkins is the ambitious founder of Superior Productionz. Residing in Southern California, his expert ear for modern and addicting beats began at the young age of 11 years old. Robert discovered his passion in 2006 and since then has been mastering his skill. He found his ear for sound recording and engineering through influences such as Kanye West, Dr Dre, and Shawty Redd. Robert Watkins strives to create stellar hip-hop beats for talented artists to work with.

Superior Productionz dropped “Throne” feat. Fade Green & Jokwin and we can’t get enough. Unique sound arrangements and finely calibrated beats fuse together to create a fresh and modern track. Emerging into the music production scene, Superior Productionz sets the bar HIGH. The production quality and overall recording of the beats are flawless. Fade Green and Jokwin sound spectacular as they spit heavy bars. “Throne” is a track that’s easy to bump in the car or at home relaxing. The lyricism is raw and intriguing while the music takes your mind on a journey. Robert Watkins proves that he does deliver Superior Productionz. There are so many layers of intricate sounds and instrumentals, yet “Throne” does not come off over produced. Super Productionz provides only the best for all listeners. I highly recommend you check out “Throne” and stay on the lookout for more sick tracks from Super Productionz.

Hi Robert! How did you get Superior Productionz started?

One day I was thinking about what my production name should be and superior was the first thought that popped into my head and i felt it so i ran with it.

My goal for Superior Productionz is to be an umbrella company for anything that can be produced for a musician. such as, beats, photography, music videos and graphic design.

How do you feed your passion for making music everyday?

I am a music producer and an audio engineer so i get double the fun. i like to split the week in half, so half of the week i will make beats and the other half goes to mixing.

Musically, what’s your favorite part of “Throne”?

I think the vinyl scratching in the hook brings everything together, so that would be my favorite.

Who are your top three musical influences? Why?

First is Kanye West because hearing his production is what got me into making beats in the first place.

Then I would say Dr. Dre because of how clean his mixes were. I studied his mixing techniques a lot.

Last but not least would be "Mixed By Ali". He is the audio engineer for Kendrick Lamar. I was inspired by the way he adds different effects to the vocals in a song.

Do you have go-to artist that you often collaborate with or do you work with whoever catches your interest?

The main artist that i work with is Jokwin, who is featured on the second verse of "Throne". I usually go after artist who i can see great potential, and they also must show dedication.


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