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Surrender to Free Arlo’s Inspirational Lyricism

Hailing from Southern California, Chance Famighetti is a Singer and Songwriter who produces his own music under his stage name Free Arlo.

With already a decade of perseverance and determination within the music industry under his belt, the multitalented artist has recently released “another EP,” proving to his fans that like a fine wine, his music only gets better with time and experience. He has a natural ear for organic instrumentation and is also known to collaborate with other artists, giving each of his tracks its own flavors.

During his songwriting process, Free Arlo draws inspiration from his personal encounters. By bringing light to real-life events, he leaves room for imagination all while strengthening an emotional connection with his listeners.

Always touching the heart and encouraging introspection, many fans are drawn to Free Arlo for his poetic lyricism alone. With plans to fill 2021 with new music, Free Arlo also has high hopes to offer more live performances for his eager SoCal fans later in the year.

Discover our recent interview with Free Arlo here.


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