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Surround Yourself With the Warmth of Emi Secrest's Heartfelt Single, "I FUX W U"

Bringing the south and its culture to the mainstream, Los Angeles-based Singer/Songwriter Emi Secrest is here to slay with her sultry single "I FUX W U."

Having toured with names like Christina Aguilera, John Legend, and more recently Kanye West's Sunday Service choir, Emi Secrest is swiftly reaching out to all corners of the industry. From writing a JC Penny campaign theme song to earning a Top 10 spot on Stevie Wonder's radio station, it's safe to say that Ms. Secrest is a name to follow.

Through her recent release "I FUX W U," Emi Secrest brings listeners into sonic ecstasy with her captivating R&B inspired production/instrumentation and the whole-hearted lyricism she delivers. While riding the mellow beat with limitless grooves and a natural sense of poise, Emi Secrest is spilling her heart for listeners to hold and clasp.

Emi Secrest opens her piece "I FUX W U" with mellow layered electric guitars that swing with soul. Accompanied by a down-tempo drum arrangement that offers the sweetness and tenderness of R&B, Emi Secrest makes her way in and turns heads. While singing with the most heart and desire one could imagine, she truly offers a chilling sensation with each angelic melody.

Listening to Emi Secrest's lyricism, she's devoted herself to someone who comes through with the steadiness and consistency she deserves. Ending the song with the serene instrumentation and production, we're finding ourselves lost in each transcendent melody and groove that Emi Secrest delivers.

Without a doubt, Emi Secrest is making her way through the industry as a force to be reckoned with, and her latest sensual single, "I FUX W U," reminds listeners of the soaring talent she obtains while opening their hearts with this desirous piece.

Hello Emi, and welcome to BuzzMusic. What drove you to create the sultry and sweet single "I FUX W U?" Was the song inspired by true events? I Fux W U is a song about finding a safe in a person, being seen and understood hits different. This is what inspired me to write this song. Speaking on the groovy and mellow sonics within "I FUX W U," how did you want listeners to feel when experiencing the song's sonic atmosphere? I want people to feel a sense of home, a familiar feeling while feeling sexy at the same time. Your lyricism within "I FUX W U" is incredibly heartfelt and genuine. How did you write your lyrics to speak such a pure, passionate, and vulnerable message? I co-wrote this song with Cameron Forbes. He had I write together a lot. We always start the session off by talking about where I am in life, love, music. This day I was expressing how much I valued this energy that was around me. It was a different feeling. Something I'd never felt before. Despite my baggage, this energy messed with me tough- I fux with that, and that's how I Fux W U came about! With vast industry experience under your belt, how does the knowledge you've obtained help you create your music today? Which experiences were the most influential? I honestly think life is the best teacher. It will teach you a lot if you're willing to learn. What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Music and not being afraid to feel again. I see so many people just exist... I want everyone that listens to my music to live. Life is so precious, we have to make every move count, and live to enjoy every moment. Keeping a positive mindset, and remaining focused enough to push through the bull crap.



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