Susan G Releases New Single "No Limits"

Susan G is noted for weaving in classic 90s R&B songs into her originals and mash-ups. With this, she has traded keyboard ballads for electric, danceable, head nodding pop. Her silky and soulful vocals stay rooted in her R&B and Soul influences while the alt hip hop production creates the perfect blend for any contemporary music lover. You can find cover songs and vlogs on Susan's YouTube channel, follow her lifestyle blog and Instagram for personal updates, and listen to her music on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon.

Susan G's new single "No Limits" is a futuristic groove and sound is introduced to the listener once you hit play on this track. Susan G infuses a throwback sound of classic R&B with 90s futuristic pop. She is able to produce this infusion that makes us wanna bring out our mixtapes and CD players. Very nostalgic of the early 2000s R&B scene. Vocals are bright and catchy along with the heavy synth and echo effects. Susan makes us feel the excitement she has for this person that she has found with her catchy chorus of “oos” and “wes”. Susan G brings to the table a fresh new sound infused with a touch of nostalgia and a poppy catch to her music.

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