Susannah B Releases New Single “Far More”

Susannah B is a singer, songwriter, actress, screenwriter and broadway baby who released “Far More” to prove to us that she can carry the legacy her legendary lyrical mother Carol Hall upholds. Her new single “Far More” has a hip electronic sound that’s being supported by her warm, sultry voice which has been compared to the likes of Diana Ross and Eva Cassidy. “Far More” is a motivated and inspirational song with a great message for its listeners:

“You are far more beautiful, you are far more wonderful”

What we’ve interpreted from this song is that you are not what things in life makes you but instead what you make you. It’s a message that many people need to hear and it’s nice to see a wonderful artist like her use substantial lyricism to deliver this memo to today's generation and that’s digestible for a wide audience range.

Her fun and charismatic approach gives this song a far more positive quality rather than a song that will have you deep in your feels. If you ever need a sense of motivation or a push to help you get through your struggles and triumphs in life, we highly recommend adding “Far More” by Susannah B to your playlist!

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