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Sway Through 'Majestic Constellations' As Chyle MC Takes You To The Stars

Atlanta-based alt-hip-hop/soul artist Chyle MC has a profound sound often described as Michael Jackson and Erykah Badu's love child raised by A Tribe Called Quest.

Pronounced Child Emcee, he was formerly a part of the critically acclaimed hip-hop/soul duo BREAKROOM before he blended unique soulful flows with neo-jazzy hip-hop grooves.

Using the classic Parliament-Funkadelic era as a muse, Chyle MC has been quietly putting out great music since 1998 with his longtime friend and producer Vitamin-D.

Delivering the same determination and beloved sound on his latest album, 'Majestic Constellations,' Chyle MC uses the 12 tracks showcased to profess a poignant atmosphere riddled with an old-school flow.

"You" is a track that incorporates angelic harmonies and textured samples to bring forth a narrative that's rich in storytelling. Chyle MC describes the thing he is notorious for and is known for by the many who love him and maybe even want to be in his place. Through a melodic yet distinct lyrical delivery, he gives life to this soundscape as he ropes us in with larger-than-life lyrics.

"Why" has an undeniable swagger dripping from its sonic presence the moment the song starts. Delivering an infectious groove that's easy to sway to, this is yet another way that Chyle MC ropes us in so easily. Declaring powerful timbres that delve into his soul as he's asking many questions of why to a previous lover, we're caught up in the multi-talents of Chyle Mc as he sings evocative cascades and approaches the instrumentation with boldly written bars.

Immersing us in the funky soul from the 70s that many eras have tried to mimic, "When" is the upbeat offering from Chyle MC's 'Majestic Constellations.' Staying in his lane and bringing a unique dynamic to this soundscape, the vocal doubling on this song has us in a hypnotic spiral of each word his velvet timbres dismiss.

A master at delivering mesmerizing tales you're hooked on, "Ride" captures his notorious styling through intricate lyrics yet also emanates a feel-good groove through these same words. We're convinced it's because his nurturing vocalization makes you feel everything will be alright. Within the sometimes grim tales, there's always a silver lining to embrace.

A bass-heavy swing on "Way" takes us into a dark soundscape of anticipation as Chyle MC has ushered us into a narrative we're destined to hear. This record reflects his persona and harmonious nature in various ways that ultimately come together. "Way" is a song about making choices and how the right one can change your life. Pretty phenomenal if you ask us.

"Sugar Baby" is next up on the roster, and we're thrilled to be met with such an eclectic flair as Chyle MC visits two worlds in creating this alluring atmosphere. The sonic components build with melodic tenacity and convey an unalloyed sense of soul through the performance Chyle MC offers. Continuing to submerge us in witty one-liners as he gets his point across, it's entertaining where he'll take the rapped chronicles next.

Recruiting Kiana Hill to cast out the grand energy of "Lost," these two have an undeniable dynamic that has taken this song by storm. Her empowering cascades hold an angelic tone as she whisks us into her embrace. Add in Chyle MC's robust tenors, and these two explode on this track with a seamlessly blended musical cocktail.

"God" slows down the tempo and navigates us through Chyle MC's formidable presence. Holding his faith close, he questions the dark days and moments as he carries on with his life. However, the pure demeanor in his timbres escorts us through the emotions he's feeling. Paired with the strength heard by his female counterpart on this record, the two set the tone through a blend of inquisitive melodies and valiant verses.

As we're introduced to his track "Free," a liberating feeling comes over us as we listen to the authenticity pours from Chyle MC's timbres. Like most of his songs on "Majestic Constellations," he's been able to give us a fresh sound tied to his identity. "Free" is that breath of fresh air in a major way, and the experience of listening to it feels exactly as it's titled.

The lush instrumentation on "Dumb" has us transported to the nostalgia of 90s R&B. Within this splendid atmosphere comes to Chyle MC raving about the things a former lover couldn't fulfill for him. Still, ultimately he just wanted truth and compassion. When we get to the chorus, the rhythmically crooned "Dumb" has us singing along to the flow he effortlessly instills.

Now, heading into the vibrant energy of "Day," it's as if Chyle MC is giving us the ultimate pep talk - and we can honestly say we're motivated by it. Sharing glimmers of his experience as he reminds us to "take it day by day," this message couldn't come at a better time. Another record of having a collaboration, Chyle MC joins forces with B-Self to illuminate the silver lining etched into this real offering. The bold rhyme schemes of B-Self complement Chyle MC's magnetic cascades triumphantly as we feel refreshed by the message within.

Sending us into a slick universe with a tight groove, the elusive sound of "Dance" is bound to put rhythm in anyone's step. From the way Chyle Mc approaches the verses in a distinct manner that allows you to either move to the breezy words or focus solely on the beat, there's an undeniable energy that he spearheads as he showcases the nature of his artistry. Making us curious and wanting more of what he has to offer, "Dance" is a prime example of what he does so well.

After taking in "Majestic Constellations," it's apparent that Chyle MC is on a mission to change how we view music genres. Infusing myriad sounds into this compilation of sounds, he gets the bigger picture of music being a universal language. So check out 'Majestic Constellations' and brace yourself for the phenomena.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Chyle MC, and congratulations on releasing your album, 'Majestic Constellations.' We love your energy in such an authentic reflection of yourself. What inspired the creation and approach we hear? Well, thank you for the compliment...I appreciate it. To answer your question...I'm not sure if it was divine intervention or a midlife crisis. One day after a really rough day at 9 to 5, I was sitting at my table just staring off into the abyss, thinking...what happened. this all there is with my life. So as I got up to go to bed, a voice spoke to me, "Look at have all this talent...and what are you doing with it". So my name is Chyle the voice said "MC...Master of Ceremony....Microphone Controller....Magical Conductor....Majestic Constellations" So then everything....started to come to, I took the pill from "Limitless" *google the movie. It started to make sense...12 songs...12 constellations...each song is different than the others but still cohesive. Beats that I had sitting for years....all of a sudden, I was able to write something for them. Producers, that are usually too busy to get back to me...all of a sudden sent me amazing beats....lastly the next night, I received an unexpected sum of money to pay for the recording and creation of the album. I'm not preaching religion...or but it was really strange.

What message would you like your audience to gather from 'Majestic Constellations?'

Not necessarily a message but rather a journey. The album was created to listen from beginning to end and back starts with Lost...which is an uplifting semi-spiritual song....and ends with God...which talks about feeling disconnected from the creator or universe. I want people to be able to your head in your while you are at work or just chilling in the house. You visit many storylines and messages that touch us in relatable ways. Why is the concept behind this album so important to you? I feel that in urban music, especially are not allowed to be vulnerable or honest about your life. I feel like you are not considered cool...unless you are under 30....talking about drug use....having sex...material wealth...or killing someone, so having a concept where the art is not only in the music but also in the music's creation and the visuals that follow. Everything has to have a point that makes sense. Groups like Outkast, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Bjork, Radiohead, and Classic Micheal Jackson...created black music where you felt like you were there while they were creating their albums...I want the listeners to feel as connected to the songs as I am.

Turning down several offers from major record labels, what do you love about being able to create in your realm? Although having the "Big Machine" sponsor your endeavors would be awesome to ensure that the world knew you existed in mass numbers. Having the ability and freedom to create the way I want to without having to answer anyone is great. I probably would never be able to work with who I want or how I want when I have a quota or deadline. Also, seeing some former signed artist give their horror stories of how the "industry" chewed them up and spit them out with nothing to show for downright scary. The only label situation I would ever accept is a promotion profit split where they would just be used for logistics and funding for promotion & marketing. No, recoup...or having to sell my masters or publishing.

We have a few favorite songs through your blending of genres, including "Dance." But what's your favorite song heard on this album and why?

That is a tough one...because it changes from weekly depending on what mood I'm in. When I left the studio at Zoom in LA, both the engineer and myself agreed that "When" was the catchy driving from LA to Las Vegas, I played that song about 29 times in a row and almost wrecked my car as I was moving so hard....but when I was in Atlanta recording the other half of the was Sugarbaby....that I played so much...I almost missed my flight back to Las Vegas. But now "Dance" and "Way" are my favorites...and "Dance" will be the video I drop on the album's release date.


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